One Piece Stampede – The Movie: Douglas Bullet and the pirates of the crew of Gol D. Roger


Published on Oct 17, 2019


The only certainty, well founded, and witness to, the animated series, ONE PIECE, inspired by the manga of the same name written and illustrated for over twenty years by Eiichirō Oda on "Weekly Shonen Jump" (Shueisha), is the immortal renewal of a goodbye materialized with a “TO BE CONTINUED” and, first of all, the appearance of Gol D. Roger, the pirate of all pirates, the pirate of the pirates, the one and only King of the Pirates as an introduction to the episodes.

He, with his crew (Pirates of Roger) and his ship of Gold (Jackson), he explored all the oceans existing in the Grand Line and reaching the border of Raftel, he faced all kinds of difficulties, experienced all of the bizarre personality, some still alive, that populate the magical world and the imaginative ONE PIECE, won battles, and made covenants, but one thing has achieved and that no one even today, after more than 20 years, has yet to be equaled: found the fateful treasure of One Piece that he himself has hidden on the border of all the seas.

Gol D. Roger found the treasure, hidden, and then was caught by the Navy and executed. The sign of his death and the declaration to all the world to find the treasure was the “ready-departure-via” to get people to take part in the current era of piracy.

His warning certainly had an effect.

The legendary pirate left a message and still no one has caught his rebus, but sooner or later, we all already know, a certain Monkey D. Luffy, the exceed and become the new King of the Pirates who found the magical treasure. A treasure from the characters, from the content and the features of the unknown.

But, of course, Roger would not have been able to achieve all of this alone. At his command, there were pirates of a value which today have become the captains of their own crews, while others have retired to live a quiet life, and still others are finished into legend, or become Emperors...

... And there are still others who have chosen the dark side of the force and becoming the evil.

For this last point, in particular, we talk about the Douglas Bullet, the major villain and devastating One Piece: STAMPEDE – The Movie.

One Piece: STAMPEDE – The Film is the 14th animated film inspired by ONE PIECE and is produced by Toei Animation with supervision (on character design and screenplay) by Eiichirō Oda to celebrate the 20 years of the animated series ONE PIECE. It is not a coincidence that we began this article speaking of the two basic characteristics of the animated series, just because it is right to celebrate the great journey, still in progress, and the production that accompanies the years of those young spectators who have become great.

One Piece: STAMPEDE – The Film will be released in Italian cinemas on 24 October 2019 with Anime Factory (label of Koch Media), therefore, to celebrate 20 years of the anime, and waiting for the movie of ONE PIECE is better than ever, why not mention the main villain, Douglas Bullet, from the time that, before becoming a villain, was a member of the crew of Gol D. Roger.

We have joined the points: talked about Gol D. Roger and then switch to the bad One Piece: STAMPEDE – The Film, Douglas Bullet, and now we do an overview of the entire headcount of the King of the Pirates.

Let's start with a review of the pirates that have lived a part of their existence on the Oro Jackson!

Silvers Rayleigh, also known as the “Dark King”, is the first component of Gol D. Roger to join the crew of the Pirates of Roger. In the course of his youth he was a boy, very disciplined, but over time it managed to dampen this feature to become the living legend that is.

It is a very powerful man, is an expert in fighting with swords, and knows how to use perfectly the Haki of the Conquering King. It is also the one that today knows the truth about the 100 years of the Great Void.

Currently he is now a retired man, but keeps it still in perfect shape and his physical and is considered a dangerous man by the World Government. In the course of recent years, in particular after the War of Marineford, he was the teacher of Luffy in his post traumatic, learning the techniques of Haki in a more and more refined, due to the death of Ace.

Crocus has been for three years the doctor of the crew of Roger, and in the role was extraordinary. Through its capacity has been able to preserve the health of his captain from the incurable disease for long enough to allow him to reach Raftel and conclude the path of conquest of the Grand Line.

The pirate was not only skillful in the medical field, but he had a tough body even survive a shot from a weapon, the bazooka, and he currently lives his life, seemingly normal, in an island located at the beginning of the Grand Line while you take care of the gentle and beloved whale Lovoon.

Scopper Gaban was an ally of Roger in the course of the terrible war, And Waugh against the fleet of Shiki “the Golden Lion“. During the fighting he handled with the dexterity of an axe, but not much is known of his true power and also his current position.

It is now an old man and, presumably, would relax by smoking a pipe in the eastern sea, while the people honored the death of Whitebeard the hands of the Navy during the War of Marineford.

Seagull was another component of the crew of Roger in the period of the war against the fleet of Shiki. It was one of the pirates most impressive from a physical point of view, and inspired the fear necessary to be a crew of the crew of the Pirate King. Not much is known of his real power, and, currently, his location is unknown.

Shanks, more commonly known as “Shanks The Red“, is the captain of the Pirates of the Red component of the Four Emperors.

Shanks has served the crew of Roger in his youth, in the role of the hub and his team-mate was constantly Buggy, but between the two was not circulating good blood as often disagree. He had the honour of wearing the historical hat of straw which a day wore Roger and that currently travels along with the adventures of Luffy.

The Red has also taken the vision to the final execution of his captain.

Shanks is one of the pirates, more capable, strong and dangerous of the whole series, taken overall, although he lost an arm. His Haki of the Conquering King is one of the most devastating and penetrating, and for the rest of the Emperors, which for the Navy is a big threat.

Buggy “The Clown” is the Pirate captain of the Buggy. Just as Shanks was the hub in the years of his youth as a member of the crew of Roger.

In this period of time he has eaten accidentally the Fruit of the Devil “Puzzle Puzzle” that allows him to split every part of his body and use it to his liking.

Buggy has participated in the great war against the fleet of Shiki, therefore, in spite of a young man, he immediately discovered the difficulties and the bloody life of the Grand Line. Immediately after the execution of Roger, Shanks offered him to join his crew, but, by refusing, it has created its own components with that worship him.

It was one of the first enemies of Luffy, currently he is a servant of the Fleet of the Seven (Shichibukai) and, we note, in One Piece: STAMPEDE – The Film will be (except Douglas Bullet) the only component of the historic crew of Roger, with a key role.

Inuarashi, or Dog-Storm, is a mink-type dog, and king in the course of the daylight hours of the Zo. And he was a member of the pirates, Roger, and, among others, a servant of the court of Kozuki Oden, and he even traveled with the crew of Whitebeard.

Together with Cat-Viper (Nekomamushi) is one of the strongest on the island of Zo, and features the ability to be a skilled strategist. His character is therefore quite serious and set.

As if that wasn't enough, as if his arms were not already high, it has approached once to the Emperor, Kaido, but that fight he lost a leg.

Nekomamushi, or Cat-Viper, is a mink-type cat, and, with respect to Inuarashi, is the sovereign in the course of the night hours of the Zo. Just like Dog-Storm, also Nekomamushi was a servant of the court of Kozuki Oden and has traveled with Whitebeard in his years of youth.




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