One Piece – Stampede: promo VIDEO with the Supernova


Published on Oct 04, 2019


The social portals official Anime Factory reveal a promo video from the duration of 10 seconds One Piece: Stampede, the animated film inspired by the universe of the manga same name written and illustrated by Eiichirō Oda on "Weekly Shonen Jump", to advertise the upcoming release in Italian cinemas set to October 24, 2019.

The promo is focused on the character on the current Supernovas: Eustass Kidd, Scratchmen Apoo, X Drake, Jewelry Bonney, Capone Bege, Basil Hawkins, Bartholomew. Here are below the promo.

And, still, Anime Factory is a new update that materializes with a message from Luigi Rosa, the Italian dubber has lent her voice just to Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of the series, from the 1st up to episode 255. For the feature film in question Rose plays the role of the dubbing director.

Here is the message from the director:

One Piece: Stampede is created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the animated series created by Toei Animation and broadcast weekly from 1999.

“The enemy that large forces gathered face is ‘the worst fugitive of all history!!’. The CP-0, the Fleet of Seven, the Pirates (Luffy and Law), the Marine (Smoker) and the Army of the Revolutionary and join the fray. Douglas Bullet was known as a soldier, young and brave, but a certain incident forced him to retire. After a meeting with Roger and, after taking the seas in the assembly had chosen a life that is much more targeted to prudence, but after the death of the King of the Pirates, something changed in the life of Douglas...”

The animated film puts itself temporally with respect to the events of the manga after the escape of the crew of Luffy from the clutches of Big Mom, and then with the conclusion of the narrative arc of the Whole Cake Island, and as a preview of Wano, which is the present main story of One Piece.

Director we find Takashi Otsuka (has direct the special animated One Piece: Episode of East Blue), the screenplay Tomioka Atsuhiro and Otsuka Takashi, Sato Masayuki is responsible for the character design, the head of the photography Okamoto Hotaka. The production studio is Toei Animation.

Oda, on the occasion of the Jump Festa 2019, talked about the film, giving the impression of being involved in the project. In addition, according to the information published by the user updates credited on the actuality of One Piece, the author has the intention to repay the gratitude of the fans creating the best film ever made and might even make you believe that it could be the series finale.

One Piece – Stampede: promo VIDEO with the Supernova is




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