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Published on Apr 01, 2020


The masters of the genre “musou“, Koei Tecmo, they return more arrembanti than ever with One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4, the fourth interaction, the official of the classic action-adventure inspired by the famous manga of the record Eiichirō Oda – ONE PIECE – written, designed and published on the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump since 1997.

Collecting the sacred inheritance of the crystalline direction infused in the narrative arcs by Eiichirō Oda, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 enhances the fun, the enjoyment, the excitement, the absolute, the spirit of combat made mature between a Fruit of the Devil, and another that pushes a true pirate to deal with an antagonist after the other towards the road that lead him to become the greatest of all time.

The fight is really from orbi, the enemies are endless and the fights are the focal point of the game distributed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, and finally available for purchase from 27 march 2020 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

As already anticipated, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 resumes the legacy of the three previous titles, becoming, therefore, the first true video game that strives to tell the entire history of Eiichirō Oda (up to now, moreover) and there is surprised if Koei Tecmo were to propose other until the star decides to put an end to his long journey.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 tells the story of the original manga by his principle, but essentially allows players to relive the macro narrative arcs the most memorable ever. Precisely the history starts with the history of Guidelines and then conclude with the narrative arc of Wano Country, but the game puts a final “filler” and imagination from the moment that Eiichirō Oda has not yet completed the story of the samurai within the use the manga (I wonder if the author will like this final story arc is proposed).

The difficulty proposed in the game is variable from easy, normal and hard. To allow customers to enjoy the experience of the title, you are advised to proceed immediately with a competitive approach to work around this, unfortunately, the usual repetition of the different.

Are offered a greater number of fictional universes and characters to be playable, and that with the fourth interaction it is possible to control 40 characters and use them to your liking, in particular the mode, “Journal of the Treasure”, within which you face battles and are the result of dialogues that never seen before.

The game is long-lived, the exploration is satisfying and the game modes, even if simply three, give rise to battles so endless and intense not to see the end of it... and the patience of the user will be put truly to the test in the long term as there is no possibility to save the progress every time.

The roster is renovated, and each playable character has a different and fresh compared to the previous titles, which encourages the public's attention on the passionate and not.

The contents are varied, but, in spite of now we have reached the fourth chapter, the game does not enjoy a good reputation from the technical point of view, and often the characters seem out of context in which they move and, above all, from the historical voice entrusted to them.

The gameplay from a visual point of view is remarkable, with many special effects, explosions, music that chase the action, faithful to the fighting seen in the original products, but technically, there is more to improve. The camera is not the best point of view from the time that flows at a speed that is likely to weary in the long run.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 is a “musou“, which is a game that is fundamentally based on control of a character whose role is to shoot down a hundred, a thousand, a million, a billion enemies. Through its different the player will have the chance to get your way by destroying lots of enemies relatively weak, and reach observation points, and then get to the final boss to end the episode.

The fourth interaction is based, exactly as the first three on this concept and here Koei Tecmo offers us three game modes: Diary Narrative, Diary Free and Diary of the Treasury.

The Diary Narrative allows you to relive the whole story inspired by the manga Eiichirō Oda – from Guidelines until Wano Country -; The Journal Free allows you, once you have completed the story mode to replay the episodes to your liking by varying the available characters, and finally; The Diary of Treasure that offers literally hours and hours of game play. All you need is to select a playable character and beat the enemy faction (which is composed of many bosses it doesn't matter if the characters good and bad).

The Diary of the Treasury is the mode that is most innovative and is divided into the stages of the “East Blue“, “Route Major” and the “New World“. As you proceed, not only the hours of play increase, the challenges will be more and more difficult.

The story mode is very pillowcases to the original products, and users fans will be able to review what they have already read in the manga or seen the anime. However, the game decides to get the great result with minimum effort by copying and pasting some of the cutscene from the previous three titles.

The immediate predecessor concluded with the narrative arc of Dressrosa and it was published in 2015, and now, in 2020, and then after 5 years, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 comes with two new arcs later chronologically, Whole Cake Island and Wano Country. The “lack” from the point of view of the amount of arcs not to be attributed certainly to the developers, but to the extended times that the author needs to bring forward her story.

Although the procedures are essentially only three, all of which are very exciting and offer a gaming experience that is fun and hectic, even being able to control a large roster of playable characters each with a different renewed.

Based actually on a “musou” there is the need of the many game modes for this Koei Tecmo enriches the whole with a large set of objectives and side-quests, cascading distoglieranno the attention from the main plot, but that will prolong the fun already promised if you had to choose the linear path.

The three game modes have in common with the classic chance of getting extra items, experience points, with ties to the characters to become more strong in order to face the next two challenges that gradually become more and more complex.

The game has the roster the largest ever seen before in the series of “Pirate Warriors”, since it adds the cast of the two arcs already mentioned, inglobandone the previous.

Each character has different possibilities of costumes, a different renewed with the many techniques available, those basic, enhanced and special. Many of the techniques will be unleashed, clearly, by the power of the Devil Fruit and the spectacle generated by them will be a joy for fans.

The vastness of the game and the many hours of opportunity will have side effects on different from the time that will be quite repetitive and at some you will feel the need to change the playable character in the game, or to speed up the session to be able to conclude.

The fun intensifies with the possibility of resorting to characters gigantic, like Kaido or Blackbeard, for example, and the invincibility proven to be palpable. In these situations it is advisable to increase the difficulty of the game, otherwise the imbalance will be really abysmal and at a certain point, it might seem to refer to the main user to play the role of the boss fight.

The characters are hyperactive, and often interact with the voices in the anime series and faithfully accompany you to the adventures created by Eiichirō Oda. A roster of large, beautiful, but that in the long run, especially if you do not play with strategy, you can become a red disc.

The title still sins with the technique, not learning the mistakes of the past.

The cutscene and the animations of the battles are faithful and enjoyable to look at as the space between one fight and another, but not able to be the strong point of the story mode, since, from the technical point of view, may still envy the anime series produced by Toei Animation (and has not always received positive remarks from fans).

The animations, dialogue, however, sometimes seem to be detached from the scene excited, and a cry of Mayumi Tanaka, for example, does not seem to run from the lips of Monkey D. Luffy.

To save the crew thinks the graphics that plays the impressive role in proposing the settings of the game faithful to the original and chromatic effects that are worthy of the imagination of Eiichirō Oda. Initially, especially for those new to this series, the videogame, will have the feeling not to revise, artistically speaking, the original character, but it is a trademark of this series, video games and the difference will tend to go in the second floor.

The game environments are very detailed, and, above all, are part of the fighting from the moment that you will destroy as the range of devastation increases. Beating the villages of arenas, among other things, it will be possible to defeat more bosses, and get items from the battle, health, or experience.




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