One Piece: Oda confirms the existence of a romantic couple


Published on Oct 12, 2018


Usually inside of the manga character in shonen, the manga artist to custom create pairs around the end of the work so as to close a circle of relationships, or even to push the work towards a sequel. A few times, then, the authors offer couples in love, or reveal the actual existence, in the middle of the narrative and Eiichirō Oda, author of One Piece, is one of these.

Don't get me wrong, the inside of today's manga, the author has united in love and no character, but confirmed that two characters in the series are romantically linked, and we are talking about, drumroll, Rayleigh, and Shakky. This information was revealed in the second databook (lately published in Japan), dedicated to information deeper about the characters of One Piece, i.e. “One Piece: Vivre Card Databook – Vol. 2”.

Vivre Card Databook – Vol. 2 (all the new information!)

— Artur – the Library of Ohara (@newworldartur) October 8, 2018

The Twitter user Artur – the Library of Ohara, will be credited on the actuality of One Piece, has translated into English the information of the characters, and showed the confirmation from the profile of Shakky who is the romantic partner of Rayleigh.

The Oda is currently busy on the narrative arc of Wano Country, has not yet had the opportunity to immerse yourself in this confirmation, but is considered official from the moment that it emerges from a databook dedicated to the successful series of long 21 years.

Rayleigh and Shakky are two ex-pirate now retired, but they both have a connection with the protagonist Monkey D. Luffy.

Rayleigh, a member of the Pirates of Roger, he trains Luffy in learning the power of “Haki” after you witness first hand the pain that he felt for the death of Ace and its efforts in the course of the war of Marineford. The power of Rayleigh is immense and his Haki is even capable of stopping an Admiral of the Navy. In most possesses deep knowledge and is a master in analyzing the situations. Currently spends most of his time at the Archipelago Sabaody.

Shakky was a pirate, well-established and now lives with Rayleigh. It is almost always implicated in situations involving important personalities, like to stay updated and become a fan of Luffy after finding out his great enterprises, and efforts.

After seeing Luffy go so far for the sake of his brother in the war, it was when Rayleigh decided to train him.
Even at his age, his power is immense, his armament haki was strong enough to block an admiral (referring to his crew). He's also very skilled at analyzing any situation.

— Artur – the Library of Ohara (@newworldartur) October 8, 2018

– She was a big pirate 40 years ago, but she retired
– It's implied that she's an incredibly powerful individual
– She's Rayleigh''s romantic partner
– She and Rayleigh helped the Boa sisters return home thanks to the Glorious
– She's very intelligent and likes to stay informed

— Artur – the Library of Ohara (@newworldartur) October 8, 2018

ONE PIECE is a japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichirō Oda to the inside of the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha) since 1997. Currently reached 920 chapters, in Japan the manga has racked up 90 volumes.

In Italy, the manga is published by Edizioni Star Comics, and today are available the first 87 volumes.

The animated series of the same name which is by transposing the narrative arc of the Whole Cake Island has reached the 856 episodes and is aired every Sunday. In Italy, licensed by Mediaset, the animated series stops at episode 578.

Hollywood is producing a television series of live action with real actors in flesh and bones.

It was recently announced that the new animated film of One Piece, which will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first airing of the anime.

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