One Piece: new information on Whitebeard, Marco, Trafalgar Law and One Piece


Published on Dec 07, 2018


WARNING: The article contains SPOILERS.

After you have found the official nature of the 10° component of the Straw Hat crew, or Jinbe Knight of the Sea, and today we highlight the new information and details on other characters in the manga written and illustrated by Eiichirō Oda, One Piece, emerged through the new, and the fourth number of: One Piece Vivre Card, which the Databook official within which there are details, information, and curiosity the most incredible relating to the characters created by the mangaka.

New information is this time referring to two important figures who have left a mark in One Piece, i.e. the former Emperor Whitebeard (Edward Newgate), and Marco “The Phoenix”.

According to what emerged from the details of the Databook official, translated by @newworldartur, Barbianca had become the strongest man in the world before the death of Gol D. Roger. Newgate, indeed, possessed an immense strength and ability to destroy the world. The mantra of the captain of the pirates of Link of was to not raise even a finger on what the enemy mattered most in the world as he had understood, how much it was worth the treasure of the people.

Since he was an orphan child, he realized that the treasure was something far more than just gold. The meaning of the treasury, for him, is the freedom to command the oceans and the love of his family.

Remember that Whitebeard will die in the course of the war for the supremacy of Marineford, and it will be the end of an era in One Piece. In most of his great power, the Devil Fruit Gura Gura, he will switch to Blackbeard.

Let us now move on to another character that has lived for a long time and traveled together to Whitebeard, or Marco “The Phoenix”.

Marco was the first captain of the fleet of pirates Whitebeard and after the war of Marineford, he moved to the island christmas Whitebeard where he witnesses citizens as a doctor and is on guard to stop any attack Edward Weeble. Behold, below, the character design in the colors of the Mark with his recent appearance in the arc of Wano Country and after the death of Ace and Whitebeard:

Marco's post-timeskip color design:

— Artur – the Library of Ohara (@newworldartur) December 1, 2018

Moving on to the new information on the character, the Databook reveals that the name of his Devil Fruit is “Tori Tori no Mi” type Zoan that transforms it, in fact, a Phoenix. In the more we learn that Mark has always had a passion for the sea since he was a baby and thanks to that transport has had the strength to support the crew not only with strength, courage and battles, but also providing knowledge about the world.

Also from when he was little, he designed systematically charts and it is very likely, therefore, that the first division of the crew of Whitebeard was engaged in the management of the navigation.

Marco also has the power of Haki, in particular that of the Armature and of the Observation.

New information about the world of One Piece arrives in the most, through the historic session of questions and answers by Eiichirō Oda (SBS) published through the volume 91 of One Piece (4 December 2018). It is the only occasion in which fans can interact with the author through a set of questions that are selected by Shueisha and the publisher offers to the author to then reveal the answers in versions volume was of the manga in shonen. The questions and answers are an important section and consolidated to One Piece, and are published in the pause between one chapter and another.

Among these questions, we learn new information and curiosity about Trafalgar D. Water Law and on the treasure of One Piece, in particular on the place where it might reside.

With respect to Law, a fan, Mikani Baami, asks to Eiichirō Oda how would you react to the character if they saw a construction of high technology (as a robot), considering that Luffy and Usopp are always impressionable when they see one, so much to lose almost eyes.

On this occasion the Oda draws a Law with his eyes shining to declare that even the Supernova loves robots. Here are the words in the detail and the design of Oda:

“Here you go. Think about, if the Law saw a robot for sure his eyes would be sparkling!!”

With regard to the treasure of One Piece, instead, it seems that the Castle of Pangea may have something to do, or contain clues, right on the treasure.

The question comes from a fan, Shock Ninja, who asks if that's where you find the treasure. Here is the question and response in detail:

“Master Po. I have a question to ask you. The Castle found at Marijoa, the castle of Pangea, it is being called, so just like when all the Continents were joined together in a big puzzle? This means that the One Piece is there? The Castle of Pangea is at the centre of the world so it may be a well founded hypothesis.”

Eiichirō Oda: “The Supercontinent of Pangea... when the world was united in a single, large piece of land. The name is surely inspired by this historic event, but not tell you now the reason that has pushed me to create it“.

ONE PIECE is a japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichirō Oda to the inside of the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha) since 1997. Currently council 926 chapters, in Japan the manga has racked up 91 episodes.

In Italy, the manga is published by Editions Star Comics and are now available for the first 88 volumes.

The animated series of the same name which is by transposing the narrative arc of the Whole Cake Island has reached the 863 episodes and is aired every Sunday. In Italy, licensed by Mediaset, the animated series stops at episode 578.

Hollywood is producing a television series of live action with real actors in flesh and bones.

It was recently announced that the new animated film of One Piece, which will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first airing of the anime.

Source: TLOO, TLOO

One Piece: new information on Whitebeard, Marco, Trafalgar Law and One Piece of




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