One Piece: Luffy and Katakuri, the King of Conquerors


Published on Jan 18, 2019


Really a episode to the very rich that aired in Japan on Sunday, who revealed to us how noble is the soul of the most powerful of the Generals Sweet, how long has been his life and, above all, that both he and Luffy are true monsters, inhuman. Follow me in this brief analysis of the three aspects that I have listed!


I'm not going to make secret of the fact that you love the character of Katakuri: noble, loyal, and attached to his family and incredibly strong. Its great merit is the fact of having put Luffy in serissime difficulty for the first time since... forever, and let us remember that it is not even the stronger enemy nearby!

In fact, we have already seen what is capable of his tender mother, Big Mom, when is in the grip of its food crisis. But Big Mom “is not a matter to laugh, and the fact that our heroes are trying to leave a proof of this is clear: at the present time, face it directly, it would be unthinkable and would lead to certain death.

But while the Pirates Firetank, the Mugiwara and the Germa 66 are fleeing (this is also a case really rare for our crew), and on the other rages a battle in which none of its contenders has no intention of giving up the outlet. Not seen a fight so compelling in One Piece from the times of my beloved Dofy, even if it goes on for so long, as to make you feel exhausted, even us, the fans.

But in the last episode happened, something totally unexpected: Katakuri the Great has become the protagonist of a series of actions worthy of the most noble and loyal of warriors: the huge man was first approached very slowly Flampe once you have found out that there was his hand in the strange and sudden loss of concentration of Luffy, due to which the aspiring future King of the Pirates has been mortally wounded in the side by a Revision, for Katakuri decides to retaliate in the most heroic and unexpected possible for a character that should be “bad”: Katakuri has a mind so noble and a warrior so correct to feel the injustice of advantage of his fame for his undoubted in his clash against one from a third person, and this decides the sanctions to be imposed by only the same wound a few moments before he caused her more than worthy opponent, in the general amazement:

In the following, this great character, decides to show to present its true face, inviting the onlookers that you are taking the game of Luffy to do the same with him. As we well know, almost no one has ever seen the true face of the Katakuri, and around him has built, slowly, the reputation the legendary superman, who has never rested his back on the ground, even to sleep.

But now Katakuri has dropped to its final form: now, can show with a fierce pride of his mouth monstrous and free themselves from the status of the perfect man and warrior unbeatable, the restaurant finally what he thinks of him as anyone other than himself; also, exposed first-person in the same way that is vulnerable to stealth attacks and mocking his opponent and inviting Flampe and his subordinates laugh at him as Straw Hat, demonstrates that it does not consider it at all a dishonor to be compared to Luffy, which, once again, reveals that it is now considered not simply a worthy opponent, but even his peers.

Finally, criticizes harshly Flampe for his actions urlandole cons: in a clash between the men, he says, his intervention was totally inappropriate. As always happens in One Piece, however, even the most intense scenes and dramatic they are never all seriose, and always have a fun (think of the face of Luffy for a moment after the death of Ace): in this specific case, I am referring to the reaction of the Flampe at the sight of the true physical appearance of his (once) beloved big brother...

...which inevitably has brought to my memory the following scene of the times of Dressrosa, absolutely devastating:


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