One Piece: important updates on the Shanks and on the Emperors


Published on Jan 22, 2019


WARNING: The article contains SPOILERS!

Through march 2019 of V-Jump magazine manga monthly magazine published by Shueisha available in Japan for purchase, has been published in a new table, promotional dedicated to One Piece and the imminent exit of the 5° number of One-Piece Magazine (January 25, 2019). A table with promotional dedicated, exclusively, to those who follow the manga series of the tireless Eiichirō Oda published in the magazine every week, since it contains heavy advances related to the Four Emperors.

This advertising page ended up in the hands of @newworldartur, Twitter user credited for the actuality of One Piece, and from japanese to English, we learn that Kaido and Big Mom, whose bounties on their heads are at present unknown from the point of view, are set at a total that is stable or a little higher than 2 billion Berry. The magazine does not seem to specify if the size is higher than 2 billion, then 3, for example, or less, so we can consider it simply, at least until the Oda is not the will extended at least 2 billion.

This, very probably, is the information less sensational, because the best comes along with him, or with the famous Shanks “Il Rosso”.

V-Jump reveals, in fact, that on the head of Shanks due to the size the most high, and is so immensely powerful to be able to engage in a battle with the Admirals, although it is the only one of the Four Emperors not to boast of a Devil Fruit. Plus Shanks has a connection with the Gorosei (The Five Stars of Wisdom), and that's how he managed to get a meeting with a charge so high of a World Government to Reverie.

However, in relation to the Shanks, you should give attention to certain points.

The magazine reveals that Shanks has the size higher if the mass in opposition to the Emperors, and not between all the characters in the series (although it can). V-Jump does not specify this overtly, but it is more logical to imagine that since the topic is related to the Yonko, the comparison is between the Emperors. In addition, the magazine is not trying to say that Shanks is stronger than the Admirals, he could only deal with them.

We can only wait for the voice of the Oda for more information. Hoping in a short time.

Here's my full translation of the leaked part of the article. I've kept it as literal as possible, so feel free to interpret it as you wish:

— Artur – the Library of Ohara (@newworldartur) January 21, 2019

The VJump article states Kaido is said to have a bounty of at least over 2 Billion Belly. Big Mom is also stated to have a bounty of at least over 2 Billion Belly

— Artur – the Library of Ohara (@newworldartur) January 21, 2019

Shanks is implied to have the NUMBER ONE HIGHEST BOUNTY. He's immensely powerful, easily capable of fighting even the admirals, despite him having no devil fruit. He's also got connections to the Gorosei, which is how he was able to have a meeting with them

— Artur – the Library of Ohara (@newworldartur) January 21, 2019

As we know, in the most, with the chapter number 901 of the manga (immediately after the conclusion of the Whole Cake Island) Luffy has been mentioned as the “Fifth Emperor” as it has reached the size of a billion-and-a-half. The magazine includes Luffy in the same space dedicated to the Four Emperors, therefore, even if there is full official, and that he is an Emperor, V-Jump, it suggests the veracity of the future, placing it with a question mark.

In particular, V-Jump says:

“The new entry among the Emperors of the Sea?! The size of Luffy amounts to a billion and a half!”

Also interesting that this article mentions Luffy as an emperor (lining him up with the other five), though it does so with a question mark at the end, implying that it's still somewhat in the air (considered by some, not considered by others). Again, it's being vague on purpose

— Artur – the Library of Ohara (@newworldartur) January 21, 2019

In conclusion, always thanks to the analysis of the Twitter user quoted a little while ago, here's what there is sure to be in the new updates about the Emperors:

To summarize, this is all that we can take for granted:
– Big Mom and Kaido have bounties of at least 2 Billion
– Shanks has the highest bounty among the yonko and might possibly have the highest in the series
– Shanks has no devil fruit
The rest, take it with a big grain of salt

— Artur – the Library of Ohara (@newworldartur) January 21, 2019

ONE PIECE is a japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichirō Oda to the inside of the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha) since 1997. Currently reached 929 chapters, in Japan the manga has racked up 91 episodes.

In Italy, the manga is published by Editions Star Comics and are now available for the first 88 volumes.

The animated series of the same name which is by transposing the narrative arc of the Whole Cake Island has reached 869 episodes and is aired every Sunday. In Italy, licensed by Mediaset, the animated series stops at episode 578.

Hollywood is producing a television series of live action with real actors in flesh and bones.

It was recently announced that the new animated film of One Piece, which will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first airing of the anime. The animated film, produced by Toei Animation, it is titled One Piece: Stampede and will be released in japanese movie theatres on the 9th of August 2018. Click here to watch the first promotional image, trailer, and here the character design.

Source: TLOO

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