One Piece: how to avoid the destruction of the Sunny


Published on Dec 15, 2018


The clash between Big Mom and some of the children, and the Thousand Sunny with Chopper, Nami, Brook, and Jinbe on the other, entered, finally, in the alive! The situation is so desperate that at first, the Man Fish advises his new friends to flee, abandoning the ship, but this is certainly not the solution: we need to do everything to prevent the still affamatissima Big Mom to destroy the Sunny and kill them all in honor of Pedro, who sacrificed himself to allow their escape, and their Captain himself, still engaged in the bloody encounter with Katakuri (and in the next few episodes of the anime, we will see really beautiful!):

In order to be able to save wil fight strenuously, and even Sunny, at least for the moment, our heroes begin so a hard battle on several fronts, attacking first the individual and then focus on a combination of attacks. It will be this ductility on the field of battle that will allow the Mugiwara not to succumb, and even put in serious difficulties the first Emperor of the Seas with which you are due to collide directly.

We therefore seek to analyze briefly the various stages of this clash, putting light on what has been the specific contribution the same every single member of the Straw Hat crew currently on board the Sunny.

3. The Sunny is on fire!

As we know, Big Mom is now even more monstrous thanks to its three-Homie special, forged from his own soul: Prometheus is placed on her hair, turning them into a crown burning from the expression demonic, Napoleon now has a huge sword that can be further elongated and strengthened thanks to the flames of Prometheus, and going on the board of Zeus, and using it a bit like Goku uses his Cloud Speedy, Charlotte Linlin can now also fly. The images of this transformation are really impressive, among the most terrifying and powerful ever shown by the great Master EiichirĊ Oda and proposed in an exalted, even in the anime:

The situation is nothing short of desperate, but Big Mom has her own reasons: because his first-born Perospero has said that his long-awaited wedding cake sits at the edge of the thousand Sunny, the Empress is literally putting fire to the Pirate ship of the Straw Hat, which, however, is a nice advantage for Linlin and its and can allow you to achieve two important objectives, even if Big Mom at the current time is at the heart of just one of these: find the cake and sink your enemies, the objective, the latter is considered vital by the children of the Empress. Perospero, however, has another problem: when his mother discovers that the wedding cake is not there, the man will likely be done out of his own mother...

And since the cake does not come out, Big Mom asks how and where he posted the marriage of his daughter, Pudding managed to hide a cake so large. So, think of a brilliant solution: cut the Sunny. So the cake will come out!!

Unfortunately Big Mom and her and for luck of our own, however, Pirates Straw hats do not give up so easily, and even if they are in distinct disadvantage numeric not hesitate to give the bottom of all of the resources in their possession in order to be able to defend effectively themselves, and their ship, perhaps inflicting serious damage to the same Big Mom.


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