One Piece: Haki vs. Haki


Published on Nov 06, 2018


In a sequence of short scenes, are provided to the audience several insights. First of all, it is not the first time that the clash with Katakuri pushes Luffy to plan their actions and to reflect on the hard lessons imparted to him by Silvers Rayleigh, and also in this case, the reflection and the memories of those teachings will be of fundamental importance for the continuation of the battle: while the first time she had realized that, in reality, the body of the Katakuri can be hit by the Haki of Armor, this time Luffy reflects on his period of recovery of the Haki and its different shades.

3. The Haki has a limited duration

The guy, even if you do not have much time available to be able to put to think of, still unable to find a way to stay calm and to reflect lucidly on spinosissima situation in which it is located.

As for the risk of dying because of the apparent superiority of his opponent, for some reason, the Straw Hat manages to stay cool: must find a way to defeat Katakuri is, it must be the life of too many people, including her, as well as his honor and his name! But that's not all here.

The fact that the stakes are so high and that you are now facing the most powerful enemy he has ever encountered is a stimulus for it to mature: like the death of Ace has been functional to be able to give Monkey D. Luffy the strength to train very hard, to protect the people he loves and never lose one, so now seriously reflect on the teachings received on that occasion by Silvers Rayleigh, he will find the weak points of his enemy current.

Paradoxically, therefore, face an enemy like this, which puts it constantly at the destination, is the best way to push Luffy to a personal maturity and to show to the fans this is his new appearance.

For this reason, the future King of the Pirates manages to come to the vital conclusion that if he needs time to recover his Haki, then it must be so also for Katakuri: if you could force your opponent to make a massive use of his Haki of Intuition, perhaps after a little son Big Mom will not be able to use it!

In fact, up to this time we were all accustomed to thinking about the fact that after you have used the Haki for too long, Luffy needs 10 minutes of shooting time, but not all of us had thought of the obvious consequence that the Haki has a limited duration in time, regardless of the Tone used, and by its user. Very likely, this latest revelation came thanks to the pressure of the clash and the precious teachings of Rayleight could be crucial for the victory of the Captain of the Pirates of Straw Hat.


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