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Published on Apr 20, 2020


The unexpected murder of Komurasaki happened in the last episode at the hands of the mighty Kyoshiro has literally shocked the entire population of the Country of Wano, including, of course, our Luffy, who believes that the death of a beautiful woman is always a big loss for the whole world.

Despite the absurdity of what happened inside the residence of Orochi, however, at least it came out something good: Nico Robin managed to steal some valuable information on the enemy.

Now that this short chapter is closed, the focus shifts on the prison of Udon, in which the Straw Hat is still held prisoner...


Even if the focus of the narrative of this episode is the prison of Udon, the action takes place in two different places: in the first part we can see Big Mom, who is currently outside of the prison itself, while in the second it will be a great protagonist Luffy, which is located there.

As we already know, Charlotte Linlin not remember even what his name, much less who he is in reality, which is promptly exploited by the Chopper and his companions to their advantage: very likely, have on their side a pirate the likes of Big Mom, as much as at the moment it is completely unaware of its tremendous power, it might be a good card to play in the favor of Luffy. If only O-Lin remembered how much I hate it, however, this choice is so hazardous it would also be incredibly dangerous, and it may even aggravate an already terrible situation in which they find Luffy.

In the meantime, the sons of Big Mom very worried for the fate of their despotic mother, even if Perospero seems a bit less worried: because he is the eldest son, if his mother had died the Pirates of the Big Mom would become the Pirates of Perospero! But not all are in agreement, because, even if Perospero is the eldest son, there is a certain Katakuri that would certainly be more deserving!

This short excerpt of family life makes us to perceive quite clearly that Perospero not only uncomfortable with the superiority on the field of battle for his brother, Katakuri, but it seems almost anxious to get your hands on the appetizing, it is appropriate to say, the inheritance of his mother.

If, however, pay particular attention to the speech of the eldest son of Charlotte Linlin, you will notice certainly a detail that is only hinted at, but which will be analyzed more closely in the following: Perospero reveals to the viewers of One Piece that once Big Mom and Kaido were companions of the crew, and that subsequently, for reasons not revealed, was born and has grown more and more a great rivalry between the two: which crew we are talking about Persopero? And who would have ever have been the Captain of two monsters like Big Mom and Kaido of the 100 Beasts?


We will now move to the section of this last episode of the anime One Piece which gives the title. Luffy will also be a boy, impetuous and lose the brackets too easily, but when this happens there is always a reason more than valid, which is always the same (stretch, this, that the Captain shares with his companions): the ill-enduring, the most absolute of any form of injustice.

In this case, to undergo treatment even more unworthy for that which is reserved, in general, to all prisoners of Udon is the old Hyo, which cannot sustain the rhythms of absurd, the forced labor, and, for this, it can not earn that little food necessary for its survival.

We had already had the opportunity to see that our Luffy has always been well happy to share its good for the udon with his elder companion in misery, but the thing is certainly not down to the terrible prison guards, according to which he who does not work has no right to eat...

Luffy is wearing the shackles of agalmatolite which, however, do not weaken too, because, otherwise, you would not be able to even stand on their feet, let alone whether they could ever perform forced labor. This, however, is a double-edged sword: if Luffy has the strength to lift weights loaded and working for 100 men, it also has the strength to be able to fight...


Luffy openly challenging his captors and tries to escape from the prison of Udon, sparking the ire of one of the Pirates of the pedal to the floor, Queen in the next episode of One Piece, from the title, The main interpreter! Get Queen the Plague! Kaizoku ou ni ore wa naru!

I remember that from some time all of the episodes of the animation series full One Piece is available for FREE viewing on Crunchyroll, even here in Italy, and you can enjoy every single episode without even having the need to sign-up for the famous streaming service.

However, it is still necessary, a clarification: with regard to the last two episodes broadcast each Sunday simulcast with Japan, these will always be available for viewing on Crunchyroll only if you have a subscription to the service.

If you have not ever tried it, however, you can take advantage of a trial period of 30 days.

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