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Published on Mar 02, 2020


Also this week, the anime of One Piece gave us an episode memorable and very dense of events, one of which, the arrival imminent of Big Mom, is unfortunately, however, revealed already in the title, thus eliminating any sense of surprise in the audience for something so important, what, this, that however is not the case in the manga, in which the sense of wonder and amazement remains to this uncut.

But during the episode you will not see of course only this!

Zoro went this time at Ebisu, the small Town of the Leftovers that lies at the foot of the Capital of Flowers, with his new friend/servant Tonoyasu, that therein resides.

Once we have arrived, Zoro immediately notice that there is something different in the inhabitants of this town, so poor, in comparison to the previous City of the Leftovers that had been here all laugh out loud, and for no apparent reason.

It is a real oxymoron for the spectators to see so many people sganasciarsi laughing while you say they are dying of hunger...

Nevertheless, all this hilarity afflicts even our Zoro, which miraculously provides even a smile!

But what drives these people to laugh happy, while malnutrition is grumbling loudly the stomachs of the children and drops the teeth of older people? It is not yet time to find out, but, as I already mentioned in my previous review of the anime One Piece, this is one of the you can find at the same time the most brilliant and the dark never born from the mind of Eiichirō Oda, that I will have the opportunity and pleasure of dealing with, when the time comes for the revelation of his even in the anime, in a special article in depth.

Meanwhile, in the Capital of the Flowers, things go very, very differently...


The dichotomy between the Capital city of the Flowers and the Ebisu is definitely and deliberately clear, just to put further emphasis: a town inhabited by people poor and undernourished is in contrast with a banquet at which not only is present with every sort of God, but you even get to waste the food.

Everything, then, takes place against a rich backdrop to make it look ridiculous, in a sort of revival of the Cena Trimalchionis, episode present in immortal, Satyricon, unfinished novel of the immense Petronio, which has the great merit just to have cleared the topos of the literary-rich master of the house who flaunts her well-being as much as it can to astonish their guests.

Sadly we know very well that in Wano, there is a regime of protectionist, obscurantist, dictatorial and oligarchic, in which power and wealth are concentrated in the hands of a few individuals, who use their power to consolidate further: power as an end in itself.

All of this injustice can not help but poke a geisha, in particular, present at the banquet organized by the Orochi...

In the meantime, you can also take a quick look at Luffy and Law, which they will exchange some banter on the fact that the group of Jumpers in the forces of the crew of Kaido of the 100 Beasts, and maybe even Hawkins are on their tracks...

Of the Jumpers, it is important to remember, is also another pirate who belongs to the Generation Worst: X Drake.

In addition, you can also delight yourself with a short series of scenes in which the protagonists will be the other Captains belonging to the Generation Worst: this time, it is not of the two allies, but of the two prisoners of Kaido or Luffy and Kidd.

Pay attention to how much say Kidd, which will reveal, even without going into the details, when and because of those who lost in battle his left arm!

Finally, you will also see Big Mom and his crew!


Kaido must necessarily have passed with Big Mom, and must not be of the best: for as it is true that this Emperor has a temperament decidedly impetuous, probably due to his alcoholism, his reaction when he learns that Charlotte Linlin is approaching its domains, it is really bad!

Kaido has no intention of letting that Big Mom is close to the territories it administers, and to this he orders his pirates to bomb the ship of the Empress.

Below, you can see a lot of Pirates of the Big Mom to present on his flagship along with her. It is, of course, of his immense army of children: have fun discovering who it is and who, instead, is not present!


Page One, one of the Jumpers of the Crew of Kaido of the 100 Beasts, finally shows itself, and this exceptional event will push Luffy to abandon their coverage coming out of the woodwork to rush to the aid of the terrified population, all while Big Mom is getting closer to the Country of Wano, in the next episode of One Piece, entitled chaos in the Capital! Another assassin takes aim at Luffy. Kaizoku ou ni ore wa naru!

I remember that from some time all of the episodes of the animation series full One Piece is available for FREE viewing on Crunchyroll, even here in Italy, and you can enjoy every single episode without even having the need to sign-up for the famous streaming service.

However, it is still necessary, a clarification: with regard to the last two episodes broadcast each Sunday simulcast with Japan, these will always be available for viewing on Crunchyroll only if you have a subscription to the service.

If you have not ever tried it, however, you can take advantage of a trial period of 30 days.

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