One Piece – Episode 910: The samurai legendary – The man estimated to be Roger! | Review


Published on Nov 18, 2019


The most recent bet of the anime of One Piece that aired yesterday in Japan, is one of the most beautiful, touching and dramatic of the Saga of Wano up to this moment, and thanks to it we can learn a little more about the truth about what really happened in the Land of Wa, 20 years before the events narrated.

Watching the episode you will understand also how to never pedal to the floor and Orochi will throw so much to besmirch the good name of Oden and all of his family.


Oden has always been a person with a temperament decidedly impetuous ever since he was young, and the small Village which it was originally was often tight. However, he also had a heart as big and generous and has always lavished a great deal to improve the living conditions of his fellow countrymen with every means at its disposal.

Fighting against injustice and discrimination, he was able to persuade even the criminals of Wano to convert back to a straight life, and dedicated to work for the whole community: had to put in communication between their several small villages and made available to them on the plantation the paradise that now, instead, is the prerogative only of the nobility of Wano, which starves the rest of the population for the past 20 years...

Thanks to its enterprises, had also managed to become Daimyo, and think that it managed to achieve all these results and many others when he was only 20 years; for this, he became the legendary samurai admired even by pirates like Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger. But all of these had tragically end with the arrival of Orochi and Kaido of the 100 Beasts, which joined forces to overpower him and, you don't pay, they re-wrote the history of the Country of Wano to paint Oden and his family as criminals killed in the name of justice.

Similar dynamics closely resemble what happened, for example, Dressrosa, and this situation seemed without a way out. Fortunately, the wife of Oden, Toki, he managed to find a way to try to counter this defeat so heartbreaking...


Thanks to time travel, as we know some of the followers of Oden and his son have come down to our days: in this way, not only in their own lives have been saved, but has also been granted a second chance to try to defeat Orochi and pedal to the floor once and for all.

So, once you arrive in the Land of Wa to this these indomitable warriors have gone around to try to figure out what had changed, remaining terrified: now, there are everywhere-in factories that pollute the air and water, and the people live in conditions of misery unspeakable.

This vision has upset the residents of Wa from the past, and the story dramatic of these events has impressed even Mugiwara and his: in the light of these discoveries, incredible, Luffy is more and more convinced that it is absolutely necessary to defeat Orochi and pedal to the floor to restore peace in the Country of Wa.


Samurai, ninjas, and pirates will join soon the forces to attack Kaido. Of course, the plan to overthrow the dictatorial regime of current must be hush-hush, and we will discover a little more in detail what it is in the next episode of One Piece, from the title, Defeating one of the Four Emperors, Begins the operation β€œRaid Secret”. Kaizoku ou ni ore wa naru!

One Piece – Episode 910: The samurai legendary – The man estimated to be Roger! | Review is




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