One Piece – Episode 908: The arrival of the ship, the treasury – Luffytaro pays her debt! | Review


Published on Oct 28, 2019


After the short suspension of the narrative related to the saga of Wa no Kuni to celebrate 20 years since the first airing of One Piece in Japan, with the special episode Romance Dawn (of which you can find here my review here my special article for more detailed information), the attention focuses back to Luffy and his feats certainly don't like a Law for obvious reasons...


We know that Law and Luffy to a certain extent are individuals with a character diametrically opposite: where a is provident, take informed decisions and try not to give in the eye when it is entangled in a plan that requires the utmost discretion, and the other is impulsive, take hasty decisions and does everything to give in the eye when it is entangled in a plan that requires the utmost discretion. Would wonder how long it might last an alliance between the two! However, now the problem is that now men Shoes are on their tracks, and they also found that the Law, Zoro and Luffy were (as you may recall, while Law and Hawkins were intent on fighting among themselves, the ship treasure aboard Zoro and Luffy them to be interrupted, so the Straw Man has seen everything with your own eyes): a tough row to hoe for our boys, that they should try to cut the rope as soon as possible, perhaps seeking refuge in a safer place. But first, Luffy has to get out of debt with a certain person...


Straw hat must deliver all the good things contained inside of the huge ship, the treasure of the ill-fated and tormented the population of the City of Surpluses, which eventually will be able to put under the teeth of the healthy and tasty food for the first time in his life, and Luffy will think also to provide them a huge amount of clean and fresh water. Our Captain is a good-hearted guy who isn't backing down when it comes to helping those in difficulty, trait of character, this, certainly inherited from his father, the Revolutionary Monkey D. Dragon, but it is not only for this that he decides to help the poor people who, despite himself, is forced to reside in Wano...

The debt referenced in the title of the episode is the one that Mugiwara feels with the small and generous O-Tama, which in order to feed it has given up on his miserable portion of food and it is exposed to a very bad infection that was in danger of losing his young life.

Luffy never forgets his debts, and usually them pays off in a way striking, as in this case, even if it can hardly hope to have the approval of the Law, both because it has attracted the attention of the enemy, creating a maelstrom incredible, and because, in his perspective, “the pirates do not do these things”, to quote the words of his text.

Now, however, it is necessary to go away from there, and luckily the Captain of the Pirates, the Heart knows some place that might give them shelter for a while...


Once you arrive in the designated place, Luffy will find out what happened really 20 years before his arrival in the Country of Wa, and the reasons for which the family name Kozuki has been muddied, in the next episode of One Piece, from the title, The mysterious engravings on the graves – the Meeting at the ruins of the castle of Oden! Kaizoku ou ni ore wa naru!

One Piece – Episode 908: The arrival of the ship, the treasury – Luffytaro pays her debt! | Review is




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