One Piece – Episode 891: Climb a waterfall! The great crossing in the waters of the Country of Wano | Review


Published on Jul 01, 2019


The moment so long awaited by millions of fans of One Piece scattered around the world is finally coming: next week, the Straw hats will come finally in the Country of Wano! But don't think that the episode that aired yesterday in Japan, is a simple filler!


In addition, you may also have noticed, looking at the images for advertising, trailers and promotional videos for the new saga with the Saga of wano the graphic style of the animated series, One Piece has undergone a makeover: the edges and the features of the characters are defined in a more clear and sharp, even when they are shown in the distance, the colors are more vivid and the animations are more fluid; in general, therefore, the work is much more polished and accurate than usual. Well, you can begin to appreciate these changes, graphics, and visual already in this episode, and, believe me, you'll know for sure!

I also invite you to make a case to the style used for painting the foam that produce the waves crashing against the rocks, reflecting the graphic style of the classical japanese art: a first clue that we are close to Wano, the Country clearly inspired by historically, the traditional Japan and geographically-always in Japan, an archipelago, of course, isolated from the rest of the world by a large mass of salt water.

Below, you can see on the left, the image is from the last episode of the One Piece and left one of the most famous works of japanese art to us here in the West: the Great Wave of Kanagawa, woodcut made by the artist Hokusai between 1830 and 1831, and that shows us how the sea in a storm can overwhelm the unfortunate vessels that are to sail on its waters:


One of the main features for which I fell in love with the work of Eiichirō Oda is the incredible imagination of its author, who is able to create situations and atmospheres of the fantastic reminiscent of fairy tales and the most exciting mythological tales. The magic and the sense of wonder and amazement giving rise to the images that were born from the incredible imagination of Oda sensei are always present, but in stories such as the Odyssey of the Mugiwara, intent to enter the Country of Wano to get together with their classmates, the Teacher gives the best of himself.

Another detail intriguing is the fact that events are absolutely out of the ordinary are, however, presented as plausible, creating a sense of wonder still greater: the world of One Piece is a magical world, in which almost any absurdity is born from the mind of this brilliant author finds his place and fits perfectly in the general context, so wonderfully fantastic and fairy-tale. Of course, not revealing anything here, so enjoy the trip with Monkey D. Luffy and his crew! I guarantee that you'll have fun a lot with this Captain so out of your head!


The boys are travelling on board a ship already tremendously proven and damaged by the colossal battle that took place in the territorial waters of Big Mom, but the problems are not finished... in Spite of Wano is now very near, to approach its shores, it seems impossible: our remember, in fact, they had already been warned about the bizarre weather conditions present at Wano, but being in front of a similar spectacle is a whole other story.

There is no escape from this harsh reality, and to see him, just look at the sky, full of predictions of doom. Now that the Straw hats are so close to their destination, and the meeting with their companions, however, a number of obstacles that appear insurmountable risks that stand between the Mugiwara and Wano...

The video contains previews of the next episode will be entirely dedicated to the great event that will take place next week: enjoy, therefore, is a short, but intense trailer dedicated to the saga of Wano, which will finally start on the 7th of July! I expect you all to Wano, that we'll eventually see on the screen in the next episode of One Piece, from the title to The Country of Wano! In the land of the samurai and of the petals of the cherry trees. Kaizoku ou ni ore wa naru!

One Piece – Episode 891: Climb a waterfall! The great crossing in the waters of the Country of Wano | Review of




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