One Piece – Episode 887: Situation critical – the Two Emperors rallied against Luffy | Review


Published on Jun 03, 2019


Unfortunately for the many fans of One Piece, also this time the episode aired in Japan yesterday is pretty poor of new content, while much larger is the section of the episode dedicated to the revival of scenes are the most familiar, due to the fact that not only it is chosen to base the bet on a single chapter of the manga, but this is also the same as that used for the last episode, which you can find here my review: in short, very few new and many scenes purely fillers.


As we well know, both Big Mom Kaido have their own reasons for wanting to give a good lesson to Straw Hat and his pirates in order of time, the first between the two to have suffered an attack, albeit indirect, was Kaido, who was struck in the heart of his interests are mainly in the time when Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar D. Water Law, they destroyed the factory of a Smile, the Fruits of the Devil, artificial who provided him with Doflamingo: the purpose of Kaido of the 100 Beasts is, as you may already suggest the name of this colossal Emperor, considered to be the human being most powerful in the world of One Piece, to create a crew composed entirely of pirates with the powers conferred on them by their Fruits.

With regard to Big Mom, we know that Luffy and part of his companions were agitated, his Tea Party bridal, failing even to escape, you and your children/pirates in their own territory, but some time before remember that it was the same as Luffy wanting to openly challenge Big Mom: because you leave the kingdom of Men, Fish in the hands of Charlotte Linlin would be too dangerous for its inhabitants, Luffy said to Big Mom that one day defeat, and that the Kingdom will soon be under his protection.

Of course, none of the two want to get your hands on this little boy, saucy, because it would lose credibility, if you do not deal with directly. Now, Big Mom knows that Luffy and her are going to meet in the Kingdom of Wano, which is part of the territories of Kaido, and it is here that problems arise between the two Emperors: Kaido allow Big Mom to enter quietly in his domains to her to make her comfortable, or will choose instead to leave it out from this history and from its interest to take care of Luffy in the first person?


What, however, do not seem to suspect in the slightest is Kaido Big Mom is the fact that the Navy is intercepting their communications, and you are therefore preparing to get in on the action. Among these Marinas, there is also the one man with the name Monkey D. that is not a hardened criminal wanted in all the world, and the size of the monstrous that hangs on the head: I am talking to Garp, which, however, does not seem too worried that his grandson has been targeted by two Emperors on the four, however do you think of him, ironically and affectionately, that it is still an amateur.


Sabo and his fellow Revolutionaries will begin to implement their plan to subvert the pre-eminence of the Dragons of heaven, when they discover, with great dismay what happened to the Bartholomew Kuma in the next episode of One Piece, from the title He is on a rampage – The tragedy of Kuma, the Official Revolutionary. Kaizoku ou ni ore wa naru!

One Piece – Episode 887: Situation critical – the Two Emperors rallied against Luffy | Review of




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