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Published on May 27, 2019


It is not surprising if an author chooses to talk about the adventures of a crew of pirates who sees piracy as just a way to be able to live free, and not as a tool of oppression of the weak, portrays the authorities as the entity in the main negative by the rulers of Marijoa, the Dragons of heaven, the Cypher Pol at the Marina, those who are at the top of the world of One Piece are portraits very often, made, however, some exceptions, as corrupt individuals, ruthless, using an iron fist to impose their own laws and rules to those who do not have any way to defend themselves.

The last episode has shown us once more how insensitive, disrespectful and ruthless they can be, Dragons in heaven, but also as the reverse of the medal, that even among them there might be someone with a soul.


As we all know, queen Otohime has fought strongly, but also very peacefully, so that the hatred that lurks always between human beings, and Men, Fish could become extinct, in order to ensure a future that is more happy to the new generations, an undertaking that is certainly not an easy one, when it comes to finding an agreement between two species, one tends to exploit the other, and considers them to be well bottom (any reference to racism is not random at all).

Otohime, however, knew well that no one can judge the entire human race, based only on the behavior deplorable of some of them: men are not all of the cruel enslavers of Men, Fish, for which it is right to try to live in peace for the good of the new generations.

The dream of peace of Otohime was still very far away when the beautiful and sweet regina was still alive, but maybe now, with the Reverie, it will finally be possible to find a peaceful way to live with men, and Men Fish.

It was not easy for King Neptune to welcome the requests of his wife, which has now become those of his daughter, Shirahoshi, but at the end she is left to convince to go to the surface to take part, after so many years, to the Reverie that is going to take place in the Sacred Land of Marijoa.

But something that is happening right under his eyes may make him permanently lose trust in humans...


The good old Marilyn Manson has written a verse that fits very well to the way of seeing the world of the Dragons of heaven: “The weak are there to justify the strong“. Unfortunately, it is precisely among the Dragons of heaven, who hides the most part of color who abuse their power, and there is a reason they go beyond any limit imaginable for any other ruler of one of the domains which is also symbolically at the foot of Marijoa: they are untouchable. A Celestial Dragon could decide to kidnap a princess to make her his pet before the eyes of her family and of many of the rulers also use violent methods by one of his henchmen, and none of them could move a finger. Indeed, this Celestial Dragon would be even protected by the Cipher Pol!


To be honest, there is not to say that Rob Pike intervenes with a double purpose: not only to protect the Untouchable to his shoulders, but also to avoid those who is hurling it against him to suffer an exemplary punishment, that could very well coincide with the destruction of his native land, with a consequent bloodbath.

For remember, as if it needed to be, who was the CP9, in the episode you will also see a short excursus on the history of well-known and in which we have started learning about Pike and his faithful pigeon, and I cannot deny that the scene in which Robin yells to his companions, who wants to live to continue to travel with them touched me as if the same seeing for the first time, thanks to its intense emotional charge, which does not fail to be always very strong and addictive, although it has been years since we have seen it for the first time.

Also see how Shirahoshi is treated is very addictive, but fortunately, will resolve this shameful how unpleasant the situation an old friend of king Neptune, who could perhaps even convince you that not all humans are rotten inside, just like he never stopped believing his late wife, Otohime.


The problems with Big Mom are not finished, quite the contrary! The Empress will discuss with Kaido about a plan of effective action to get rid of our Absence, and while the Marina will be bustling with these problems, to Marijoa is going to be something terrible, in the next episode of One Piece, from the title critical Situation – the Two Emperors rallied against Luffy. Kaizoku ou ni ore wa naru!

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