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Published on May 20, 2019


After a couple of episodes all add up to anonymous, and rather unnecessary, due to the fact that they were laced with memories that show sene already perfectly well-known by the fans, the story returns to the contemporary thanks to this episode of the animation series based on the manga written and designed by the artist Eiichirō Oda, that is fascinating, especially because of the presence within it of a couple of points of reflection interesting, which come to life in a special way in that of Impel Down, all the while, the old friends and members of the fleet of Monkey D. Luffy begin to know each other a little better, thanks to the opportunity provided by the Reverie that is going to take place in the Sacred Land of Marijoa, home of the Dragons of heaven.


The Reverie is probably a narrative device, the better to return to the fore characters that we thought never to see, but of which their creator has certainly not forgotten! One of the main features that has the value huge to make One Piece an original work and unique in its genre, despite the myriad of influences that can be identified within it (Dragon Ball and The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo in the first place), is the total control that the Oda has of his world, that characterizes, in the most minimum details making characters, environments and situations in general very involving and vivid, almost as if it were real; to this must be added the great consistency with which the narrative proceeds, without any difficulties or inconsistencies of any kind, although we are talking about a creation that has behind him more than 20 years of history and, therefore, of the volumes of the manga published.

This brief introduction is necessary to understand, in general, the narrative style of an author is a bit sui generis which, in effect, Oda, and in particular the choice of the narrative of the return of some emblematic figures, which have come together for the first, which also makes it fun to discover how they can interact with each other. Of course, you do not know, but they “randomly” all knowledge in common that binds them together and unites them even before get to know each other a little better: their and our beloved Captain, Monkey D. Luffy.

Back to the bet specifies, you will notice that it is divided into two parts which are quite distinct and designed in a manner diametrically opposite: in the first, dedicated to the revelation of some information, you will see for just a good chat between old friends of the Mugiwara, while the second focuses instead on some of the mysteries.

Oda uses, therefore, the classic method of the stick and the carrot with his fans, answering some of the curiosity on the one hand, and revealing new, mysterious information from the other. But let's proceed with order.


Of course you will be wondered, for example, what happened to Wapol after he was defeated by Luffy, or how things go to Dressrosa, and those who the governments, now that Doffy has not only been ousted from his throne, but was also arrested by the Navy.

Well, in this section, which we may define as a preparation for the most important events to come, you will have the pleasure to find out what happened in the world in the few years that have passed since Luffy (or Lucy, or even Rufylando, as you prefer) is the past for the first time from their parties and helped them without thinking twice about it, along with his faithful traveling companions and adventures. Of course, I'll talk to you here not to take away from the taste of discovery. But I want to tell you about a small detail... take a good Look at the t-shirt of our Doctorine, that size means nothing to you?But of course! This is just one of the small Chopper!


The change of theme and setting is made explicitly recognizable, also thanks to the use of color: whereas in the first part of the episode, which takes place in Marijoa, the colors are bright, warm and vivid, like we are used to, in the second, which instead takes place in Impel Down, the colors are much more gloomy and cold, that they also think the atmosphere is closed and mysterious; also, in an environment where many people meet and share their experiences with joy, in contrast with the notorious Level 6 of the Dungeon Sottomarina di Impel Down, the lowest part of this structure, which so much recalls the of dante's Inferno, and in which are confined the worst criminals in the movement (not the case, Portgas D. Ace and Jinbe were required pigionieri right here).

This time, however, our attention is pushed towards another character, incredibly charismatic, strong and dangerous, that speak of a mysterious treasure; it will not be provided to certain of its precise location, but you'll find that the place conceals obviously more of a secret.

In intensifying the mystery, then, comes a figure elongated, thin, very tall and long-limbed, which will open a door, behind which you will see the “straw Hat " giant”, and for a change, and what gives the title to the episode is shown only for the last seconds of the episode, leaving us so all with bated breath.


the wonderful as gigantic Shirahoshi will be the victim of threats and harassment of the Dragons in the Celestial under the astonished eyes of his family!!! Those who will run to his rescue? Well, all that remains is to find out next week in the new episode of One Piece, from the title Mess in the Holy Land – princess Shirahoshi is targeted! Kaizoku ou ni ore wa naru!

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