One Piece – Episode 884: I Would like to see him again – The memories of Vivi and Rebecca | Review


Published on May 13, 2019


Unfortunately for those following the anime based on the original work of Eiichirō Oda, we'll have to wait to be able to take a closer look at the Reverie and its participants, in a comprehensive manner, because this time the episode is separated in two distinct parts: in the first, you'll see some scenes that take place in the present, as the meeting between some old friends of the Straw Hat who, finding himself for the first time, thanks to the Reverie that is going to have the beginning, make knowledge their own thanks to their stories that the protagonists are Monkey D. Luffy and his companions of adventures; in the second part of the episode, instead, that is definitely more extensive, you will relive the memories of the Living, the princess of Guidelines that the Mugiwara have helped him when he wanted to save his kingdom from the ruthless Crocodile.


Live, Rebecca, Shirahoshi, and Leo, the Captain of the pirates Tontatta, which is none other than the Commander of the fifth division of the Great fleet of the Straw Hat, they begin to know each other a little better, thanks to their respective stories of those that have been the experiences with Luffy, a Captain really is sui generis, if you think about the fact that he explicitly told his Commanders that they could enjoy freedom of action, in an attitude which cannot but help us to return to the mind of the great Whitebeard, which certainly had a more direct control of Luffy on his immense fleet, but that has always left his Captains free to act and to run around in the seas, just as he had promised to a young Captain of the Pirates of Spades, Portgas D. Ace, during their first meeting.

Of course, the friends that Luffy must be very careful when talking about him: let's not forget that the action is already taking place in the Sacred Land of Marijoa, the seat of the World Government, as well as home of the Dragons of heaven, or the descendants of those who created the world of One Piece, although this still remains to be seen, but this is information that will only find out when the beautiful Nico Robin will be able to decipher all the Poignee Griffe, on which are shown the still mysterious events of the infamous “100 Years in the Dark”, at the end of which these same Dragons Celestial are suddenly found ourselves catapulted to the absolute summit of society, symbolized by the fact that Marijoa both in absolute terms, the kingdom's largest and also one located at the higher altitudes on the mainland (not to mention the Islands in the Sky, most definitely at the top of Marijoa!). You'll also get another taste of the cruelty of these beings who consider themselves to be divine, and that in virtue of this, you feel entitled to exploit in the best way, beceri his subjects.

In short, if someone between the Dragons of heaven, those under them, or the Marines on site were to discover that some of the rulers invited to take part in the Reverie are friends of a dangerous Pirate whose head is well worth 1,500,000,000 Berry, what to bring with them very serious consequences not only for those directly involved, but very probably also for their Countries, that both have struggled to save, also thanks to the help of the Pirates of Straw Hat.


After the brief summary of the story that sees protagonist is wonderful as it is gigantic Shirahoshi present in the previous installment, which you can find here my review, now it is the turn of Live. In the flashback, which was dedicated to the memories of the princess of Guidelines, are shown the most relevant parts of his history, of course, drawn and animated again for the occasion.

As you may recall, Living was seriously thinking of leaving his kingdom to go to new and exciting adventures together with those who in effect already considered it to be his own companion; unfortunately, however, his duties as a ruler and a renewed love for his native land, for which, however, must thank our beloved Luffy, prevent to take to the sea with them.

The moving scene of their farewell was again shown to the spectators, together with the promise that, if ever you should happen to meet again, Luffy and his will continue to consider princess Live like one of them.


Other old acquaintances, both our own and of the Straw hats make their appearance, after many years, in the kingdom of Marijoa, as we shall see in the next episode of One Piece, from the title The darkness of the Earth, the Sacred – The mysterious straw hat giant. Kaizoku ou ni ore wa naru!

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