One Piece – Episode 882: the war of The vertices – the spiritual heir of The King of the Pirates | Review


Published on Apr 29, 2019


The last episode of One Piece, which you can find here my review, with this completes the brief summary of the two sagas of Impel Down and Marineford. For fans of the work of the Master Eiichirō Oda may be you like these sagas, the problem with that is, in the end, these episodes fillers in which the information and the events of the present are really very little space, to the point that both for this episode and for the previous year has been used in the same chapter, taken from the original manga. A little meat on the fire, then, but are nostalgic you'll enjoy once again one of the scenes that remain impressed in the minds of the countless fans of One Piece: Ace's death by the hand of Sakazuki. The scenes were all re-designed and revived, but the end result is, in some points, visually very poor and uncared for.


Whitebeard was the man who has featured more than anyone else, after the death of Gol D. Roger, the previous Era of Piracy, how will particularly emphasize Ace before throwing in the fiery embrace of death, and to seal such a claim, the Oda has chosen to close the circle of his own with two parallels between the deceased King of the Pirates, his son, sentenced to death on the gallows exactly the same as him, and Whitebeard, which will kick off a new wave of departures in search of One Piece, confirming the existence shortly before losing his life himself.

What, however, underline the author is the fact that, in spite of Roger, Ace and Newgate are now all dead, their will and their ideals are not at all, no matter how much time it will take before someone decides to collect their heavy burden, and one day, there will come a man who will put to iron and fire the order is pre-established and maintained by coercion, violence, and abuse towards the weakest, a man who will not be afraid to fight alone against this whole corrupt world, and the knowledge that that day will be to lead the Marines and the World Government to constantly live in fear that their reign of terror is about to come to an end. Word of Whitebeard!


Shortly before killing Ace, Akainu, then Admiral, expresses his personal point of view on the two brothers that so many problems are causing: the simple fact that in their veins flows the blood of the Devil, with regard to Ace, and the blood of the Commander-in-chief of the Army of the Revolutionaries, Monkey D. Dragon, is, in itself, a condemnation, a curse, a crime unforgivable. For this, they must pay with the life.

But the two guys are not the only objects of the arrows of this man so faithful to his duty of Marine Sakazuki starts to cause Ace and his beloved younger brother, foster, the only one who still believes in life, accusing them, and the Pirates of Link of to be cowards, as soon as it reached their target, if the might run away with the tail between the legs.

Not being certain, however, that only these words can be sufficient to trigger a reaction in the child cursed, Gol D. Roger, Akainu ricara heavily the dose: for him, Whitebeard is the great pirate that everyone thinks it is, but only the biggest loser of the was in progress, and its minions are only scum unworthy of life which hides behind the pathetic concept of “family”. Knowing Ace, it was easy to see who would react to a similar lack of respect towards his Father, and unfortunately for him it will be his fiery impetuosity to cost him his life.


Now that the section dedicated to the events of the past, the narrative returns to the present and will focus on the Reverie that is going to take place in the Sacred Land of Marijoa, and which are to participate in as unwanted guests of the Revolutionary Dragon and Sabo in the next episode of One Piece, and the title is The first step towards the dream – Shirahoshi comes out in the light of the Sun! Kaizoku ou ni ore wa naru!

One Piece – Episode 882: the war of The vertices – the spiritual heir of The King of the Pirates | Review of




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