One Piece – Episode 881: it Is time to act – The irrepressible Grand Admiral of the Navy, Sakazuki | Review


Published on Apr 22, 2019


As it was easy to expect, including the saga of Whole Cake Island, which ended recently and the new story arc have been included of some of the episodes fillers in which they are proposed again some of the episodes of the past related to the character that acts as the pivot of the story of the current episode. In this case, as is indicated in the title of the bet, it is a Sakazuki (or Akainu, the “Red Dog”, if you prefer), become Great Ammirraglio of the Navy to the place of the elder, but always present Sengoku, which now plays the role of Inspector General of the Navy.

The most recent events that have seen Mugiwara and a few selected members of his crew put in turmoil Tottoland and create not a few problems to Big Mom, the only woman who plays the role of Empress, have been documented in a newspaper article that is literally doing around the world. Of course, a copy of this newspaper is now also in the hands of Sakazuki, which is an important consideration, prior to the start of the long flashback dedicated to him: he had to kill that brat to be made of rubber, together with his annoying adoptive brother more when he had the opportunity, to Marineford.

The episode in itself, therefore, does not contain who knows what revelations, is busy, but for its almost total entirety from a very brief summary of what happened at Impel Down and Marineford, then two years before the current events. Let's say that the only positive side is that I can take the opportunity to do an analysis a little more in-depth discussion of two of the arcs, the most significant of One Piece, which you can read in a separate article from this review.

Things are a lot changed, even if it is only two years old, and Sengoku is perfectly aware of it: while man looks at the same sea in which were the rage of the pirates and the Marines fight valiantly against them to maintain order and justice and protect the helpless, can not be worried about this new and unstoppable tidal wave, of which the big star is proving to be that little boy who so strenuously he had fought together with his new friends own at Marineford, in the revealed then a vain attempt to save the life of what he believed to be his only brother left in life: Portgas D. Ace. Therefore, from the reflection of all the personal information of Sengoku and Sakazuki takes a long flashback in which are concentrated the two legends of Impel Down and Marineford.


Fujitora comes to Marijoa despite the explicit prohibition of Sakazuki getting review without having first captured Luffy with a new Admiral of the Navy, while the Princess of the fishmen Shiraoshi will finally be able to admire the wonders of the world that lives on the mainland in the next episode of One Piece, from the title The war of the vertices – the spiritual heir of The King of the Pirates. Kaizoku ou ni ore wa naru!

One Piece – Episode 881: it Is time to act – The irrepressible Grand Admiral of the Navy, Sakazuki | Review of




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