One Piece – Episode 880: Sabo enters in action – Appear to the Commanders of the Armed Revolutionary! | Review


Published on Apr 15, 2019


The defenders of the oppressed, better known in the world of One Piece as the brave members of the revolution Army, they are going to get together in a secret place to be able to develop a good strategy that allows them to finally to the despotic kingdom, the absolutist of Dragons Celestial Marijoa.

The men and women who have chosen to join the Armed Revolutionary struggle to defend the rights of all those who are oppressed by that which could be safely defined as a dictatorship, oligarchic, or despotic and undisputed reign of the Dragons of heaven, who live in their own personal Paradise, Marijoa. But our fight to protect those who are harassed, not directly from the Central Government, or at least not only it, but also from the Navy, who often lavishes more to defend this status quo and to protect the weak.


I will not dwell here on the description of the ideals that move the Army and I will not reveal of course what is the plan they have in mind these ambitious guys, not to take away from the taste, to discover it by yourself with your eyes, but I can tell you that, thanks to this exciting, exciting and dynamic episode you will finally learn a little more about who is involved and what are their intentions, now that the Reverie is more and more near.

As we already know, the Revolutionary struggle, always against the system of World Government that exists in the world of One Piece, and that influence, often in a more negative, in the lives of many populations, especially those segments of the population weak, alternately at the mercy of the abuses of the Government and its Marina from one side and from the assaults of pirates assettai of riches on the other. In this world, the only voices out of the choir and who do not tolerate these abuses belong to the Army of the Revolutionaries and to those few pirates as our Mugiwara that they never pull back when it comes to helping those in need.


It would almost have to wonder what I did wrong Monkey D. Garp in the education of his son to the Dragon before and his grandson Luffy then: as we know, Garp is a Vice Admiral of the Navy, while his close family members are, respectively, the Supreme Commander of the revolution Army and a pirate whose head is worth now well 1,500,000,000 Berry; then, if we consider that Garp was also in charge of growing Portgas D. Ace, son of Gol D. Roger and his time as Commander of the Second Fleet of Whitebeard, at the time one of the Four Emperors, then this β€œfailure” becomes even more noticeable.

As much as Luffy may have goals different from the ones that have established members of the Army led by his father, sometimes these goals coincide, that is, when it comes, as I mentioned earlier, to protect the oppressed and the helpless. And if we know well Luffy, in this last episode, you will also have the opportunity to learn a little more about who the parties are that are part of the Revolutionaries and what is their current plan, to say the least, ambitious and bold: will these courageous human rights defenders to carry it to term? And how they are going to do it?


After seeing in action the Army of the Revolutionaries, the lens will move on Sakazuki (or Akainu, if you prefer) as the current Grand Admiral of the Navy, concerned about the sudden rise of Luffy, who has learned to know personally, already at Marineford, in the next episode of One Piece, from the title it Is time to act – The irrepressible Grand Admiral of the Navy, Sakazuki. Kaizoku ou ni ore wa naru!

One Piece – Episode 880: Sabo enters in action – Appear to the Commanders of the Armed Revolutionary! | Review is




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