One Piece – Episode 876: A man of justice and humanity – The last great oceanic current of the Jinbe | Review


Published on Mar 25, 2019


Big Mom is just refreshed with the gigantic wedding cake 2.0, and from the expression the blessed on his face and the fact that he immediately resumed weight it is clear that it has been more than satisfied. Also, with great relief on the part of Peros, the Mother's well: evidently, the poison that Perospero is certain to have been introduced in the sweet must not have had any effect.

But if it is true that a problem is resolved, it is also true that the fact that now Big Mom is satisfied and calmed down does not mean that the are out of danger: her powerful and ruthless children do not have the slightest intention of letting out Mugiwara and its territorial waters of Tottoland: the humiliation of the terrible crew of one of the Four Emperors would be the most stinging attack of the Oven.


An episode dedicated to the stag, therefore, that honestly would have been much more enjoyable without the last of a series of sections of the musical, which occasionally have characterized the whole saga to Whole Cake Island, so Luffy comes to know, after all this time, what really happened to the heroic Pedro, without the sacrifice of which our would be dead already from a nice piece.

Luffy is a man that is incredibly sweet and empathetic, and also if the sisters are full of sadness for the loss of his friend, still unable to speak of him with the little Carrot with a smile on his lips: the memories of Pedro are tough, but their presence warms the heart of our cook on board the favourite, and his great strength is in the way of making this huge burden even for the small Carrot, which was really very fond of Pedro.

But Pedro is not the only person that Luffy will have to say goodbye: his wife, the beautiful and bipolar Charlotte Pudding, not be able to follow in his adventures in that charming, sweet and nice blonde guy that would only mislead you to kill him together with his whole family, but of which, however, he is clearly in love with...


A few episode ago, we had already seen Pudding and Luffy together, but it was already obvious that something was wrong, at least for Pudding: the girl, before saying to her beloved, to have a last request for him, he is visibly distraught, distressed, infinitely sad. Then, you could think that it was because it was to see to move away permanently from her the man she loves, but our beloved Eiichirō Oda has made this farewell all the more memorable, and I admit that I could not wait to find out how they made this scene so poignant in the original manga in the animated series, and I have to say that its emotional power has remained virtually unchanged: you will not reveal here what it is, but I assure you that you will be very impressed and amazed by the choice of this very brave young woman, which, despite himself, is forced to say goodbye to the man she loves.


When a trip ends for the pirates, another one begins: now that we've finally managed to leave the security of the territories of Big Mom can get back on a journey in search of their companions, with whom you will soon be able to reunite in the Country of Wano, in which the rest of the crew of Monkey D. Luffy is already gone when the Captain and some of his have made the decision to go to retrieve Luffy, who at that time had been kidnapped and brought to Tottoland by the Pirates, Firetank.

Of course, the saga of Wano will not start so soon, since other events will animate the story of One Piece before that happens, so all that remains is to wait to see what she has in store for us this incredible and long-lived Odyssey modern.


The news of the miraculous escape of the Pirates of Straw Hat from the territorial waters belonging to the domains of one of the Four Emperors is very soon all over the world, arriving also in many old acquaintances who meet again very soon in the series by now, Luffy is grown a lot from when he was a baby that wanted to follow the footprint of its model, the man who for many years now, is the great Emperor Shanks Red. We'll discuss this and more in the next episode of One Piece, from the evocative title of " The world is stunned! – The birth of the Fifth Emperor! Kaizoku ou ni ore wa naru!

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