One Piece – Episode 870: A punch of a speed unheard of – for A new transformation in the Gear Fourth! | Review


Published on Jan 28, 2019


You know: how Eiichirō Oda has drawn a great inspiration from the work of a more famous Akira Toriyama, Dragon Ball, the Maestro has, however, accustomed to a style, both graphics and narration, very different from its source of primary inspiration. But one of the features most typical of Dragon Ball are the so-called “power-ups”, i.e. those transformations that make the protagonists more and more strong.

In One Piece is not often seen something of the kind, and it is for this reason that, when it happens, the fans are more than happy. In this specific case, the new transformation relates to our own pirate Captain, favorite, which, surprisingly, reveals to Katakuri, and his fans to be able to transform into a more powerful version of its Gear Fourth, the Snakeman is a variant.


The fact that so often they are shown with the hard training of Luffy with the Dark King Silvers Raylkeigh demonstrates once again how valuable was the help of this ex-pirate with a heart of gold in respect of that young boy that reminds him so much of her beloved and lamented Captain, Gol D. Roger. As we know, it will be this similarity between the two scapestrati pirates who will push the Rayleigh to believe in Luffy to the point to push it to the limit of their potential.

So, the Straw hats will show her Master how much is improved and transformed in Boundman, the first version of its Gear Fourth, it allows him, as he realizes the same Dark king, to make use of at the same time the elasticity of the rubber of which it is made his body, and the protection and power of attack and defence offered by the Haki of Armor. But it is still not enough to cope with who is able to use to perfection the Haki of the Intuition...


Now that the clash between these two extremely powerful monsters has finally reached its peak, you'll see how the fight scenes are much more dynamic, fast, sharp, excessive, and destructive, that, if from one side it excites the fans, the other shows all the limits of the animation, unfortunately, very often little cared for: a real shame, because these sequences would deserve definitely something more.

Yet, the final result remains very satisfying because of the beautiful writing style, and the tables of the Master Eiichirō Oda, whose work is still respected in this transposition into anime by Toei Animation. That said, I will not dwell much here in the description of the new fighting techniques of our Mugiwara, who deserve to be treated in more detail in an article of its own. Also, I don't like spoilers in reviews, so, even and especially in this case, them I'll avoid very carefully.

The clash will also be interrupted by a short sequence, to tell the truth rather unnecessary and filler, in which it will be shown again for a few minutes what is happening in the meantime in the real world, outside of the Mirror World, in which Luffy and Katakuri you are pounding in the blood for hours (months and months for us fans), with particular attention to the couple/non-couple of the moment: Luffy and Pudding.

So enjoy the latest combat scenes between these two extraordinary and are very correct fighters once again!


Finally, the clash between the Katakuri and Luffy will end in the next episode of One Piece, the title is Finally over – The epilogue of the clash with Katakuri. Kaizoku ou ni ore wa naru!

One Piece – Episode 870: A punch of a speed unheard of – for A new transformation in the Gear Fourth! | Review is




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