One Piece – Episode 869: Awake – The color of the observation exceeds the strongest! | Review


Published on Jan 21, 2019


Katakuri and Luffy are both exhausted after a fight that lasts now for many hours for the protagonists and for many months for the spectators; yet, none of the two is willing to give up, even if for different reasons: while Luffy wants to return from his companions, Katakuri wants to protect his family.

But there is more to it! The two fighters have at least a couple of points in common: both are there to defend the people they love, but this primary motivation now seems to be for the two of them to be passed in the second plan compared to a purpose considered, at this point, which is of fundamental importance: of course, they are both there for duty, but now what really matters is to prove themselves as warriors and prove to themselves and to the opponent to be able to get the better of him.

In the light of this, it is easy to understand how Straw Hat that Katakuri have started now to get serious, as you will see with your own eyes.


Now the time of talk is over, and the fighters are giving the back of their last energy to be able to finally put an end to this grueling fight, so expect also in this episode, so many scenes full of action very, very hectic.

Unfortunately, however, against an enemy able to predict the future, even if only for a very short period of time, it is evident that only the fists are not enough: Luffy should definitely devise some method, or stratagem in order to defeat once and for all the more powerful in absolute between the three General Sweet family/fleet of the Pirates of the Big Mom.

Luckily, our Captain has already found a way to use the Haki of the Intuition, and the uses to be able to avoid the blows of his opponent, but also to be able to hit, occasionally. Thanks to his newfound calm, also, Luffy can also focus once again on the precious teachings of the one who was his Teacher for two years: the Dark King Silvers Rayleigh, Vice Captain of the Pirates, Gol D. Roger.


The color of the observation exceeds the strongest, referenced in the title of this episode is a special feature that would seem to belong only to Luffy: when the aspiring young future King of the Pirates once again reminded of the hard training with the Dark King, is also shown to the spectators a scene very short, but also very interesting and full of meanings, in which, without revealing too much here, we learn that if it is true that Luffy has learned a lot from this expert pirate it is also true that the same Rayleigh could learn something from this strange boy, and rubber.

Luffy, in fact, uses the Haki of the Intuition in a way that is unprecedented and which I'll be happy to talk to you in an article of its own.


At the end of the episode, you'll see finally something that will make you very, very much, so happy, and where you can get a clue by simply looking at the cover picture of this article...



Because what is shown in the video containing previews of the next episode of One Piece and the title of the episode itself contain major spoilers regarding the continuation of the confrontation between Luffy and Katakuri, ve I discourage strongly the vision, if you have not yet seen the episode 869. Anyway, one thing is certain: kaizoku ou ni ore wa naru!

One Piece – Episode 869: Awake – The color of the observation exceeds the strongest! | Review is




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