One Piece – Episode 868: The determination of one man – The great mortal combat of Katakuri | Review


Published on Jan 15, 2019


Bet really intense that One Piece that aired last Sunday in Japan, in which a role of primary importance has been the immense Charlotte Katakuri.


The great Katakuri has finally discovered it as ever his opponent is unfocused suddenly, to the point of getting pierced without even try to dodge the blow of the devastating Revision: his little sister, Flampe was able to hit Luffy with one of his needles, paralyzing, which are small, quiet to the point that not even a user of Haki Intuition skillful as Katakuri is able to perceive its presence.

So, the second son of Big Mom heads towards the place where Flampe and his are hidden (to say the truth in such a way is not too effective, since they are rather noisy), and the small is already fantastic on the many compliments that will make her big brother, for having made it so useful during a fight who is clearly trying a lot. But perhaps things will not go so...

The scene immediately following was eagerly waiting to those who follow the manga of One Piece, and it will certainly have been a huge surprise for those who follow only the anime: once again, the never too much praised Master Eiichirō Oda has been successful in undertaking to frustrate the expectations of his countless fans and admirers, but this is not the right place to talk about it, for which I refer you to an article in the special part focused on the last stages of the clash of views on Sunday. I leave only an image of Flampe, which shows his reaction to what happened:


a certain space has been dedicated, in addition to the combat and to some, very brief scenes that show the difficult childhood of the Katakuri, also as to what is happening at the same time outside of the Mirror World: both the Thousand Sunny the ship of Bege and his Pirates Firetank are still having to do, respectively, with the attacks of the dreaded Smoothie and with the food crisis of Big Mom.

With regard to the Mugiwara, our undergoing a series of attacks on the part of the Smoothie, which he received from his fartello greater Perospero the precise order of entering in action along with his sisters to stop once and for all the Pirates of Straw Hat.

The power of this already huge woman lets you shoot a series of attacks are made even more devastating by its size, which increases simply by feeding the liquids contained in the bodies of other human beings, in this specific case are the same subject. The Mugiwara cannot and should not shun it, and in war, as they say, the end justifies the means: there is no sacrifice big enough to not be accomplished, if the goal is to get rid permanently of those pirate scoundrels who have dared to penetrate into the territories of the Empress Big Mom, stop the Tea Party and destroy the wedding cake to bring back with them the groom, the chef aboard Luffy Vinsmoke.

In the meantime, Chiffon proposes to her husband Bege to deliver the cake, and the Big Mom on an island far enough away from the Sunny to stop Big Mom from attacking them: the woman test, as well as that friendship with Nami and the children, an immense sense of gratitude for those pirates on Thriller Bark have helped so much with his beloved twin sister, for which its purpose is to try to reciprocate the favor by doing everything in his power to ensure their escape.

Charlotte Linlin is now literally devoured by the hunger that is draining his strength, and, indeed, it is not possible to predict how you may react after eating finally her long-awaited wedding cake:


During the fight between Luffy and Katakuri, the latter will recover the land, while the aspiring future King of the Pirates will engage with all his strength to be able to fight the powerful enemy, thanks to a new power, in the next episode of One Piece, titled Awakened – The Hue of the Observation, can overcome the strongest. Kaizoku ou ni ore wa naru!

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