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Published on Sep 17, 2018


After having taken a break last week, the anime One Piece is back to delight her fans with a good episode where decisive will be the intervention of Jinbe.

As we already saw in the previous episode, the crew of the Pirates of the Big Mom is organized perfectly to be able to attack Luffy and his companions from many fronts. The numerical superiority of the enemy, supported by the fact that the clashes are happening in their territory, Tottoland, is overwhelming, and allow children to Big Mom to organize a series of counter-attacks which risk putting in serious danger the very lives of the Mugiwara.

In fact, while it was still raging in the clash between Luffy and Katakuri, the brothers Joscar and Mascar take advantage of one of the mirrors is still not broken on the Thousand Sunny to shoot their flaming arrows into the inside of the ship, which in the meantime is also attacked by sea, from Tarte, the battle ships of Big Mom:

The role of the Katakuri, in this case, is to keep Luffy away from the body, to prevent it from helping his team-mates, but also to protect his beloved brothers and sisters. On the other hand, Luffy is thrown to the low head in the Mirror World created by Charlotte Mulled to tackle Katakuri and some of his brothers, in order to protect his companions, at least from the attacks coming from this dimension made of mirrors.

For this, it is easy to understand when it must be frustrating for the future King of the Pirates not being able to do anything to prevent his enemies to throw a series of flaming arrows from the other side of the mirror, to the interior of his beloved ship; Straw Hat efforts, has not yet found a way to have the better of the powerful second son of Big Mom, Katakuri, in the absolute, the strongest of his crew, after his terrifying mother, of course.

While the attacks of Luffy seem to not have any effect against his opponent, the blows of the strongest among the General Sweet are always a sign, putting in serious difficulty our pirate Captain, which would already be dead, if his body made of the rubber absorbs much of the force of impact is devastating of the ultra-precise and powerful attacks of Charlotte Katakuri.

Thankfully, however, Luffy manages to contact Nami, thanks to a fragment of the mirror, being able, then, to warn her of the impending danger and make a request that worries her a little...

Knowing that the enemies in the Mirror World they will continue to attack the Thousand Sunny and its passengers from the inside, Luffy asks Nami to destroy the other mirrors still intact on the Sunny. Nami obviously hesitates, because he knows perfectly well that without a mirror is intact, it will be impossible for the Captain to return on board his ship: therefore, what she decides to do Nami?

In the while, Luffy, Pudding, Chiffon, and the 31 pastry chefs the best of all the kingdom of Big Mom are struggling with the preparation of the new wedding cake. Despite a little difficulty, the preparations run smoothly thanks to a valuable tip from a chef skilled and experienced as our Luffy “Gambanera” Vinsmoke, which highlights his amazing skills in front of an ever more proud and in love with Pudding:

Time is running out, and even if on Chocolate Town you are not playing some clash, the success of this phase of the plan is absolutely essential to stop the destructive fury of Big Mom, who now threatens to destroy Sunny and to bring the bottom of the ocean his entire crew.

While the war-ships of Big Mom continue to bombard unceasingly Sunny, another problem with the giant is standing right in front of our: a homie... tsunami!

Fortunately, however, on the Sunny there is now a helmsman experienced and very strong, and luck is a Man with a Fish! Luffy, in fact, not only manages to steer the ship with only one arm, but the fact that he is a Man Fish, give him a great idea to be able to come out of a situation that, otherwise, would have enshrined the death of everyone on the Thousand Sunny, which risks being swallowed up by a tsunami.

Therefore, it is important to point out the diversity of origin of the members of the Sunny is essential, because each of the members of his crew, has life experiences and skills is unique. We could say that the Thousand Sunny is a sort of Tottoland in miniature, or a place where anyone can find his place and be accattato by his teammates and in which ethnic differences are not a limit, but a source of wealth: that is a very important lesson of acceptance and respect of the different that demonstrates how you can maintain their identity in an environment in which it is similar and different at the same time, and in which all are treated in the same way, without any shadow of discrimination or racial hatred (remember, for example, that for some human beings, Men and Fish are mere subcreature to enslave).

Certainly, a couple of substantial differences with the kingdom of Big Mom are the total lack of discrimination (recall that Tottoland are allowed all the different ethnic groups that exist in the rich world of One Piece, except for the Giants) and exploitation (the members of the Straw Hat crew are here for your choice, and you are not asked them for anything in exchange to be able to stay, unlike Tottoland, in which the inhabitants have to pay with the precious years of your life, if you do not want to leave; a toll unusual and cruel).

But let us now return to the heroic and lucidissimo Jinbe: his age and his experience allow him to have a clear vision of what is happening and what measures may be taken to prevent anyone on the Thousand Sunny to lose its life, and contrast sharply to the panic that, instead, gripping the minds and hearts of his young companions (Brook and not-so-young, but it is still a terror more blind).

If you were not a Man a Fish, probably Jinbe wouldn't even know of the existence of the Green Room, which we define as the'eye of the storm” for the waves: in practice, enter in the Green Room means being able to control a boat on the inside of the empty space that is created between the wave and the surface of the sea where it breaks:

Thanks to this insight intimately linked to the origins of Luffy, the coraggiosissimo Man Fish is able to aventare the death of his comrades and the destruction of the Thousand Sunny. At least for the moment.

The battle between Monkey D. Luffy and Charlotte Katakuri will continue to test the strength of our Captain and of the Mirror World. Now there is only one mirror is intact on the Sunny, and the Straw Hat should definitely be able to use it to return to the Sunny to the aid of his companions. We will see all this in the next episode of One Piece, which will be called The threat of the mole – The silent fight of Luffy! Kaizoku ou ni ore wa naru!

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