One Piece – Episode 833: the return of The cup of sake! The knightly Luffy repays his debt | Review


Published on Apr 23, 2018


Finally we entered in the heart of the action, and you'll see some beautiful! Let's start with the hilarious opening scene, which shows what was already seen in the previous episode (which you can find here our review): a multitude of Luffy's crazy it came out of the wedding cake, breaking it to pieces, and is poured in the hall of the ceremony, sowing panic among the diners:

As is easy to guess, Big Mom did not take very well, and is on the verge of exploding. It almost seems that there is no more need to destroy the photograph of Mother Caramel to dispose of the Empress in one of impotence. In fact, Big Mom seems to be almost on the point of exploding, to the point that his own children and omie have the fear in the eyes: what is going to happen? When Mama loses the brackets, the consequences can be devastating...

As we know, Luffy has only one goal: to destroy the picture of the Mother and Caramel, but also destroy the wedding cake has had a great effect on his powerful opponent.

If we bring to mind the initial bets in the saga of Whole Cake Island, it becomes inevitable to think of how much hard work, how much pain and how many abuses have been forced to submit to all those who have had a role in the creation of this monumental cake. Big Mom takes advantage of the resources of the Countries under his “protective wing” to the bone, leaving the population in misery,and his men are willing to do any type of atrocities, in order to satisfy the whims of Big Mom, or the price to pay might be their lives.

Anyone that has something to do with her always live in fear, which suggests that the Empress is a person terribly alone.

A series of events, whether unexpected or not, the soul in this unpredictable episode, including a look a little closer to the second son of Big Mom, the pragmatic Katakuri, always impassive and secure, as is his Haki Intuition. But the pirate can not rely only on this, his extraordinary ability, and here you can have a tiny taste of what it is capable of doing.

The focal point of the episode remains, however, what is already anticipated in the title of the episode is the same: the decision of Luffy of ammutinarsi. A choice incredibly brave Man's part Fish, who shared prison with Ace, even though he knows perfectly well that is going to have a close encounter with the Soul Pocus, the special ability of Big Mom which enables it to deprive those who are in front of the years of his life.

This whole section is pervaded by the great sense of honor of Luffy, from her incredible courage, and her unwavering strength of spirit, culminating in a moving statement, which will make you look at this incredible pirate with a respect even greater.

If you want a foretaste of something that he has in store for you this delirious wedding ceremony, you can take a look at the previews of the next episode, entitled " The plan failed!? The counterattack of the pirates of the Big Mom. Kaizoku ou ni ore wa naru!

Wanting to analyze with a different look on what the Teacher Eiichirō Oda wants to show us symbolically through the whole saga to Whole Cake Island, we could perceive some of the links with the real world.

The bright colors, the smiles, the delightful cities edible, the happy animated objects are just a huge lie (and that can not make you remember the saga of Dressrosa), behind which lurks the terrifying power of Big Mom to steal years of life from those who dare to stand against her, and is willing to do it also for the simple whims.

The saga with the emphasis on issues such as exploitation and greed uncontrolled. Big Mom wants every thing, and can take it, no matter how many people will suffer for this, Big Mom, and her gilded cage are a tragic symbol of consumerism, and the neglect with which man exploits the resources it needs, even at the cost of reducing the local populations on the pavement.

Whole Cake Island is our consumerist society, where everything is present in abundance, indeed in superabundance, to the detriment of the latter, but also of ourselves, willing to let us steal our precious time (the years of life stolen from the Soul Pocus) by the only people in this situation gain a real advantage: if you want to keep eating to gain the economic profit.

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