One Piece – Episode 832: The kiss of death – Begins the plan for the assassination of the Empress!


Published on Apr 16, 2018


In this episode you can see how each “faction” is preparing for the upcoming battle, of which all the other guests are obviously unaware of. The tension is palpable, and while the unsuspecting guests enjoying the festivities, the great food and fun entertainment, the pirates of Big Mom, Reiju Vinsmoke and the Mugiwara prepare for the imminent and inevitable clash. Let's discover together in that way.

All are seated at their places, carefully chosen by Big Mom, and the groom's family were reserved seats in the first row to be able to fully enjoy the show. But Reiju, which is a knowledge of the plan of extermination of Germany designed by Big Mom, he realizes that the table of her family is completely surrounded by children/the general of the Empress. If you add to this that the Vinsmoke, like the other guests, are unarmed, it is easy to understand the mood of the girl.

But the heart of Reiju (remember that, unlike his siblings sitting at the table with you, it has one) is divided between two contrasting feelings: the acceptance of the end of his family, which is considered not only inevitable, but right, because to the girl the Germa no longer have any reason to continue to exist, and the concern for Luffy, which is likely to be killed by his bride-to-be.

Of course, Reiju is not aware of the response of Bege and his allies, for which it remains to be hoped that her beloved brother might be saved, in some way.

While the preparations and all are ready to go to their seats, something seems to be able to put at risk the plan Capone: Luffy, tired after going in the forest for reasons more or less obscure, he is asleep, and shows no signs of wanting to wake up.

Will our hero regain his senses in time to give the signal agreed upon, that is, the shot with which Pudding wishes to kill his cook on board?

Also the pirates of the Big Mom are ready to get in on the action, and also for their the signal will be the firing reserved from Pudding to Luffy. Everything seems to be going for the best and according to the plans of Big Mom, completely unaware both of the fact that Reiju is aware of his plan, is striking back idesato by Bege and that are also involved in the insane pirates the Straw Hat.

However, something seems to predict the unexpected. Something still obscure, but of which someone is able to perceive the presence..

The second son of Big Mom, which made its first appearance in the previous episode (you can find here our review), Katakuri, he understands that something will go wrong, thanks to his developed Haki Intuition, powerful to the point of allow them to predict the future:

We will let you discover what it is with your eyes, because this is a shot of the scene really unexpected, for both fans of the series, for the present at the Tea Party of Big Mom, but we anticipate that you will be definitely impressed!

The Tea Party is just getting started, and everything is really ready for the real action. If you want a taste, then don't miss the previews of the next episode, which will star as the Man Fish Luffy, ready to give up his place as an affiliate of Big Mom to be able to finally keep the promise made to Luffy, entitled Breaking the oath: Luffy is ready to pay his debt. Kaizoku oi ni ore wa naru!

One Piece – Episode 832: The kiss of death – Begins the plan for the assassination of the Empress! is




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