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Published on Mar 05, 2018


We would have expected to see something more in this episode, but it is clear that Oda wants to maintain a bit of suspense, before the ilo the real fun begins, for which the episode is not for those not to be missed.

However, it satisfies some curiosity and answers some questions, like what are the chances of Pekoms and as ever, Chiffon, daughter of Big Mom, sister Lola and wife Bege, he decided to take part, along with his wife, to the conspiracy act to end the life of the Empress.

It wasn't very difficult for Luffy to convince Luffy to ally with Capone “Gang” Bege as a counter to the attempted massacre of the Germa that Big Mom is already enjoying. The preparations for the “Red Wedding” progressing well, so much so that the confectioners are transformed into the performer of the musical, while preparing the delicacies for the ceremony, getting closer: now there are only 3 and a half hours.

In the meantime, our heroes Luffy and Luffy go to the headquarters of the pirates, Firetank of Bege, where there are already their friends, and are greeted by Vito, which you will also learn about the role played in an event already seen in the past episodes. The two are asked to prepare properly for the meeting with Capone: taking a bath.

Even the girls, Nami and Carrot, they are relaxing with a nice hot bath. To do their company there is Chiffon in her arms the infant from her and Bege, that opens with the two, not only because of the probable allied, but also by virtue of the fact that Nami is a friend of his beloved sister Lola who, refusing to go in the wife to her betrothed, has blasted the plans of his not-too-loving mother, to the point that now, if lame foot home, would be killed.

This brings Chiffon to speak to one of the many projects ethically questionable, undertaken by the Empress, and the treatment of their from its parent for the simple fact of being identical to the daughter that betrayed her. Thanks to an excursus rather detailed of the events narrated (and shown on the screen to the viewers), we discover the reasons why Chiffon is come to think of betraying his own mother.

After you have refreshed and refreshed, the Mugiwara, Carrot and Luffy are finally ready to discuss the terms of the covenant with Bege. In spite of the past with the boss are not the best (it was Bege to take Luffy to force him to marry Charlotte Pudding, and it's always been him trying to kill Pekoms twice), Luffy was in agreement with Luffy when he pointed out that in an enormous enterprise such as defeating one of the Four Emperors, the less enemies you have (and the more allies you have), the better it is.

While it is taking place at this secret meeting, at Whole Cake Island makes its appearance another of the many Ministers of Big Mom (we leave you to discover who that person is), to stress that the clash that is about to take place will see many of the participants in large-caliber to be a part of a row of Big Mom: in the light of the many and powerful enemies that our are going to face, turning a possible enemy into a valuable ally seems to be the only way out. But Rify will have to choose with care his words, worth a confrontation with Bege and its in their headquarters.

Curious to know what awaits you in the next episode? Then you can take a look at the preview of the episode 828: A blood pact: the secret alliance, Luffy and Bege!

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