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Published on Feb 19, 2018


Thanks to the two fragments of mirror, our, divided into two groups, they finally managed to communicate. Luffy gives his companions the wonderful news of the discovery of Luffy, however, is not finished yet: Luffy decided to help Luffy to foil the plans of the massacre of Big Mom, so the only way to get it back definitively on the Sunny is to remain on Whole Cake Island to save the life of the Vinsmoke, news that seems to surprise and upset the prisoners of the world of mirrors.

To stand against one of the 4 Emperors during an important event like the Tea Party, more so if you are in such a clear numerical inferiority: while the Tea Party, which will culminate in the wedding ceremony/slaughter of Vinsmoke, there will be Big Mom, his crew was complete and the worst criminals in the world, ours are only 8.

For this, Jinbe has thought of a plan of action that could prove to be a success, but it is a dangerous proposition: the Man-Fish is, in fact, aware of it, thanks to the valuable information provided by Pekoms, a further plan/plot, and after he had put Luffy aware of the new information, makes its proposal. Not before, however, he was put on guard by a character now well-known: the pirate of Generation, Worst and mafia Gang Bege.


Luffy is a man with a profoundly rational, and is able to maintain control even in the most desperate situations, as has been shown, for example, after Ace's death: on that occasion, do not get involved emotionally from the deep drama that had just hit Luffy, but, reasoning with extreme lucidity, was able to find the right words to give strength to his new friend.

Our hero has certainly not exhausted his calm and his coolness, for which he decides to put the current Luffy, and Luffy of some of the information in his possession and that he has already shared with the fellow in the Mirror World.

Jinbe tells in brief the past, so far in the shadow, Gang Bege, stating that in the West Blue, his place of origin, there are 5 powerful families that have complete control of the local criminal underworld. And Gang Bege is one of the bosses who control one of the families.

In his youth Bege was called “Teppoudama”, the japanese word for “bullet” and that it is also used to identify a would-be assassin of the Yakuza who kills the leaders of the organizations of the enemy. As had already been able to guess, however, the inspiration for this character, for his gang, for the narratives of which she is the protagonist, and for the same name are gangs, the mafia italo-american, and in particular, Bege is based on Al Capone.

The scenes presented are in fact full of references to the films inspired by the world of organized crime in the United States, by presenting characters who are perfectly represent those stereotypes, from the clothing to the weapons used.

Bege is a very dangerous man, and could be a fearsome enemy on the field of battle along with all the other participants in the Tea Party, while also keeping in mind that the safety of the entire event was entrusted precisely to Bege, for which it serves as a good strategy, but the time may not be enough: while all the people invited to the great feast of Big Mom you are prepared for a very long time to any eventuality and they have planned to do in detail, to our there are still only 5 hours before the start of the Tea Party, scheduled for 10:00.

At this point, the episode is really very, very interesting, because Jinbe informs Luffy and Luffy of another plot that could lead to a further shedding of blood during the Tea Party. Already this news is quite shocking in and of itself, but it is not the end of the story: Jinbe goes over, making Luffy a proposal that is unbelievable. Not tell you nothing, but will be really two nice surprises!

In the last few minutes of the episode, these information are given with a rhythm more frantic than the rest of the episode, because they follow immediately one after the other, giving very little time for viewers to metabolizzarle, which it transmits to those who watch the episode the frenzy of action, which is caused by the fact that time is really running out, to the point that a certain occurrence is simply presented, without showing how it was done.

But maybe we'll know something more next week. In the meantime, if you're curious and not afraid of some spoilers, also regarding the episode got here in examination, you can take a look at the spoilers for the next episode of One Piece, titled “the secret Meeting – Luffy Vs. the pirates Fire Tank“:

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