One Piece – Episode 823: The place of promise – The fighting at the limit of Luffy | Review


Published on Feb 05, 2018


Luffy and Luffy running desperately towards their own goal, near the remains of King Baum, the homie tree forced to help Mugiwara by Nami, due to the possession of the vivre card of Big Mom donatale on Thriller Bark from Lola, alias Charlotte Laura, one of the daughters of the Empress.

In the meantime, the rest of the crew landed at Whole Cake Island continues to wander in the Mirror-World created by the Brulee, but it is about to receive a couple of unexpected and much appreciated surprises...

Our came to Whole Cake Island in one episode, which aired last April 9, while the encounter/clash with Luffy dating back to October 1, 2017. Although it is spent for us so much time, in reality Luffy and Luffy fought in what is now the place of their appointment only in the morning of that same day, which is about to conclude (as we have already seen in episode 823, in fact, Big Mom is already sleeping heavily).

Many many things happened (most of which are unpleasant) in this short, even if for the spectators to be very long, period of time, from the sad clash between Luffy and his captain to the discovery of the true intentions of Big Mom, and its the capture of Luffy and Nami at the end of the Brook, discovered while he was trying to copy the 3 Poignee Griffe in the possession of the Empress.

In spite of the enormous numerical inferiority of our and the great power that distinguishes Big Mom and her family/crew, slowly things it seems that you are making for the better: not only, in fact, Luffy and his captain are getting closer to the wonderful time which they will be finally reunited, but there are new very exceptional, also for the new residents of the Mirror World, and also, finally, good news! Of course, not tell you anything, but know it will be worth watching the episode just for this latest gem!

Luffy is still engaged in a hard-fought battle with the Charlotte Counter, one of the many sons of Big Mom (85, to be precise). Probably the captain of the Mugiwara would be able to get the better of the Counter in a short time, if it had been in its full strength, but, as we all know, it is not so: Luffy is in fact strongly weakened because of the hunger that grips him now for many hours, but Luffy is coming to his aid, with a great meal prepared with his own hands, just as you wish Straw Hat!

While Luffy takes the blows of the Counter one after another, Luffy continues to run desperately in search of his captain, fearing the worst: the skilful cook and tiracalci Leg Black you come across it finally in the field of battle in which Luffy is struggling, near the place of their meeting, and the sight of so many enemies sbaragliati from man of rubber leads him to believe that among those bodies there may be also that of his captain.

Luffy also begins to have doubts about the presence in the place of Luffy, initially unable to find him, but deep in his heart he knows that Luffy is there, SHOULD be there, so he can only continue to look for those bodies and in that area.

Luffy is near, tired, tried by the fierce fighting of which it was the protagonist and, above all, hungry as ever. If he is still alive, may die due to wounds and hunger, for which there is not a minute to lose: Luffy must find Luffy, and thus to save the life of his captain.

One Piece – Episode 823: The place of promise – The fighting at the limit of Luffy | Review of




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