One Piece – Ep. 823: The empress turns – The great plan of rescue of Brook! | Review


Published on Jan 29, 2018


After a couple of episodes from the preparations to the real action, finally the Mugiwara are going to be in soon Luffy meet Luffy and can finally enjoy a great meal prepared by the chef on board, while Nami, Chopper, Carrot, Jinbee, Pedro, and their prisoners are getting closer to the discovery rather disturbing of the place where the Brook is held as a prisoner.

The good news is that finally our heroes have found Brook. The bad news is that the minstrel is in the clutches of Big Mom. Literally:

Even if the Empress and her homie are sleeping, just the simple buzz of a fly or the rupture of a bubble of mucus in the nose to wake them up, for which our must act with enormous caution, if you do not want to be in the terrifying situation of having to face one of the Four Emperors in person.

A careful planning of the way forward is therefore indispensable for the success of the plan, and create a gimmick that does not make me Big Mom and her during the delicate operation of saving of the Brook could be the key to bring the Soul King, and escaped without too many problems: it is finally the end of the imprisonment of the Brook, or you will unleash a fierce fight? Or maybe it will be both things?

The marriage between Luffy and the Pudding is more and more near, and our beginning to feel the pressure of time passing: in fact, it is only the night before the wedding, farce, and considering that Big Mom, his homie, and even Brook are sleeping heavily, we would say that it is night. This means that missing very few hours to the wedding that will earn you a Big Mom in the absolute control of the army of the Germa 66.

Although to the spectators it may seem that the time in One Piece is extremely dilated, because of the many events that occur at the same time and also to wait for a week between one episode and the other, in reality not too much time has passed from when a part of the Mugiwara has landed on Whole Cake Island, the reign of the Empress Big Mom.

This, in turn, means that the time remaining to complete the missions set out to Luffy and his friends is really the end, and, for the moment, none of the initial goals was achieved: Brook has not yet managed to obtain a copy of the Road Poignee Griffe in the possession of Big Mom, and Luffy has not yet returned with his companions of adventures.

In the meantime, continues to travel to Luffy and Luffy to the place where they met (and fought) for the last time, but in this case it will not be so easy, especially for Mugiwara: the Captain, in fact, is more and more devoured by the pangs of hunger and, as if that were not enough, the minions of Big Mom does not have the slightest intention to let him go without trying to stop it.

Luffy, who knows very well the stubbornness of his captain, is aware of the fact that Luffy will keep his promises: to stay and wait for him in the designated spot without eating anything that was not prepared by the hands of his cook on board.

For this, Luffy does not hesitate for a moment when he takes the decision to bring him a good meal, even if, in reality, the guy had been preparing to for a long time for his bride, with whom he was slowly falling in love. In spite of the terrible and searing disappointment, it will at least save the life of his captain, with that lunch, and it is this thought that pushes him to go forward without hesitation, just as nothing is able to stop the run of Luffy.

The two are very close to the meeting place, very soon you will gather and finally Luffy will be able to revive themselves and return to the embrace of her companion, cook, and friend. Things seem to slowly get better, even if a final resolution of the Saga of Whole Cake Island still seems very, very far away.


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