One Piece: discovered the first adaptation anime of 1998!


Published on Jan 07, 2019


Recently, a post on Twitter has once again brought to light an extract of the first ever adaptation of its kind in the format of the anime One Piece. The project debuted in the now distant 1998, a year before Toei Animation riadattasse officially the work of Po in the animated series, which today we all know and appreciate.

This is an OVA produced by Production I. G. for the Jump Super Anime Tour of 1998, a traveling event during which he was shown this special One Piece in all his stops in some japanese cinemas previously selected. In the following, the OVA was also made available for purchase on home video.

Now, the clips from this project, and the OAV complete in itself have remained buried for many years, but is returning strongly to the fore precisely because of the twentieth anniversary of the animated series.

Are you curious? So, enjoy this small taste of the very first anime version of One Piece!

As you can see from the short excerpt above, the graphic style is rather different from what we are used to now, being decidedly closer to that of Dragon Ball, great source of inspiration to Eiichirō Oda; and also the enemy that Luffy, Nami and Zoro find themselves facing is totally foreign to the history that we know, because Ganzack is in fact a character not in canon.

Even if the crew of the Pirates of Straw Hat and includes among its only the Captain, a navigator and cartografa and a swordsman in the movie also appears a girl named Medaka, and also in this case, this character is not canon.

Together, they will try to get the better of the terrible Ganzack, who has taken hostage the father of the small Medaka. At the end of this first OVA of One Piece, they are shown the Mugiwara as they prepare to continue their adventure in the Grand Line.

To tease still a bit of your interest, I suggest watching another short clip from this OVA:

just reminded myself of the One Piece OVA that Production I. G. made a year before Toei''s souls started – its very different from the anime we have now but it has its own charm in a way and some pretty good sakuga throughout

— Skippy (@SkippyTheRobot) January 3, 2019

Even if, as I have already mentioned above, it is an adventure not canonical, fans of One Piece have found that this story, you could place it chronologically after the story arc of Orange Town. Because it is an adaptation that was created when the serialization of the manga of One Piece was initiated by a short time, it is normal that many of the characters and the narrative arcs that everyone is now familiar were still animated and, therefore, are not present in this production.

However, this OAV is the demonstration of how it would be able to become successful a character like Luffy, the protagonist of a series still on the crest of a wave after 21 years since her debut, and that increasingly proves to be able to withstand the passing of time.

Source: CB.

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