One Piece: coming up, the light novel on Ace


Published on Oct 07, 2019


Viz Media is certainly making excellent use of its presence at New York Comic con 2019! Thanks to a series of ads, revealed by the famous publisher, Viz has not forgotten the many, many fans who follow the epic franchise the manga/anime pirate that is One Piece. Now, with the narrative arc of the Wano Country that is becoming more and more in vivo both in the anime and in the manga, the publisher has chosen the perfect time to announce the news to be published a story spin-off to the Pirates of Straw Hat that will follow the adventures of one of the two adoptive siblings more of Monkey D. Luffy: Ace!

Viz Media has launched this bomb on its official Twitter account, stating that the history of the spin-off will present more details on the crew, the pirate Ace, as well as a closer look to the skills related to the fire that he gained after eating his devil fruit, the Mera Mera no Mi. Below, you can find the official announcement appeared recently on Twitter:

🔥 BIG NEWS! 🔥 One Piece: Ace''s Story, releases the Summer of 2020. Learn all about Ace's crew and devil fruit powers in One Piece light novel adventure!

— VIZ @ Seis Manos 👊 (@VIZMedia) October 4, 2019

If the image shown in the tweet above is familiar, it is because it is One Piece: a Novel To light novel official and supervised by Eiichirō Oda divided in three volumes, is a novel that was published in Japan last year, but that is going to reach outside of her native Country, the estated el 2020.

Ace was a tragic example of how ruthless the world of the Grand Line: In an attempt to save the life of her beloved foster brother, Luffy, Ace, lost his, and, therefore, its flame has left the franchise, One Piece.

Fortunately, we were able to see Ace return to the series through a flashback recently when it was revealed the story of the pirate of fire in the country of Wano. With the new art style, Ace has received a stylish look and up to date that has offered a new interpretation of the brother of Luffy, even if it is not in life for a long time.

The legacy of the Ace continues to survive in the franchise not only through his brother Luffy, but through the other pirates and citizens with whom he came in contact with in the course of his short life, as all that remains of the crew of Whitebeard or Sabo, the foster brother and that Ace was believed he died as a child and now he ate like him the Mera Mera no Mi in that of Dressrosa.

The next October 20 will air a special episode Romance Dawn, based on the manga one-shot same name written and illustrated by Eiichirō Oda that are present in nuce some of the key elements that are then merged together in his work, the most extensive and well known, our beloved One Piece!

I remember that Stampede, the newest film of One Piece, saw the light in Japan last August 9, and will be distributed in Italian cinemas, thanks to Koch Media, starting from the next October 24.


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