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Published on Jul 16, 2019


Games Zoro is a former hunter of pirates who decided to become a pirate himself to the day when Luffy saved him from certain death with the goal of making that boy with green hair the first member of his crew. Zoro is presented immediately as a unique character since it asks Luffy for her to return his swords: that guy manages to brandirne three at the same time, and from the most recent episode of One Piece, here you can find my review, it could be inferred that his technique of three swords it is still unique in its genre, to the point of being unheard of even in the Country of Wano, the land of swordsmen experts for excellence.

Watch these latest episodes of One Piece and the swords of Zoro after a long time has taken me, to make me some questions: what are the three swords that has Zoro in this moment and all the ones he has owned in the past? Not recalling them all, I did some research, of which this special article is dedicated to our Head of Seaweed is my personal log, accompanied by images. Good read, samurai!

For different reasons, probably as a demonstration of its ability to swordsman that allow for the precisely of wielding three swords at the same time and make use of whatever sword happens to pitch in any time you want or need to, Zoro shattered blades other do not belong to you anymore or are no longer usable.

Before I list them, I want to clarify what it refers to the definition Meito present in front of the name of some of these swords and those currently in possession of Zoro: in the world of One Piece, as well as in Japan, you define the term Meito (Kanji: 名刀, literally, “excellent sword” or “sword of the famous”) the swords whose quality puts them above the common swords; always according to their level of quality, cutting weapons categorized as one of the Meito, in their turn, subdivided into subcategories that reflect those existing actually in Japan.

And now, we pass to the description of the swords owned and used for only a short time previously by our Group!

As we could see, during his many adventures Games Zoro has been able to get their hands on the different swords, precious and not. After you have re-discovered what were the swords for a time belonged to Zoro, even if, perhaps, only for a very short time, we will now analyze briefly the characteristics of the three swords that the Head of an Alga possesses at the moment:

Now, we can only wait to see what you will be able to do Zoro with his three swords in the Land of the Samurai!

One Piece: all the swords Zoro is




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