One Piece: all the secrets of Snakeman


Published on Jan 30, 2019


The long-awaited moment by the fans of One Piece and scattered around the world has finally come: the Snakeman is shown in all of its majesty! But before I talk about this particular variant of the Gear Fourth, we make a short review of this extraordinary technique and the different ways in which it can be used on the field of battle.


As we already know, at the moment were revealed three variants of the Gear of Luffy, each of which, however, uses an amount of energy so high that in the end, Mugiwara can be very weakened and incredibly hungry:

Gear Second: using your legs as a pump, Luffy makes the blood circulate inside of your body much more quickly, which increases the temperature and, in the case of a rubber body, this is heated to the point that his sweat turns into steam, which, in turn, makes the rubber of which it is made Mugiwara much more flexible. This technique is very useful if you need attacks, especially fast and powerful:

Gear Third: Luffy bites his thumb and blows a lot of air inside this small wound directly on the inside of his bones, thanks to which you can make gigantic size of their own limbs; the air so introduced can also be moved freely from Luffy to his liking. This technique is very useful in the case of serve attacks are particularly powerful, which can be further strengthened thanks to the Haki of Armor:

Gear Fourth: it is the most powerful shown up to this moment in the possession of the guy to rubber Monkey D. Luffy, who, in turn, can be used in different variants, and at the time, we were shown 3. Before analyzing them, however, it is necessary to explain in a concise way what is this technique: in a manner apparently similar to Gear Third, Luffy blows a huge amount of air inside of the bones of his body, but in this case the procedure is slightly different.

To activate the Gear Fourth Luffy use the Haki of Armor on his arm before blow into a gigantic mass of air, which it does greatly enlarge:

This, in turn, redistributes, following a rather uniform within the upper part of the body of Mugiwara, while the lower one undergoes an expansion that is lower.

When in this state, Luffy covers his arms with the Haki of Armor (of which you need a massive use to be able to use the Gear Fourth) that fades on his shoulders in order to make the decoration similar to the of the flames or tattoos.

This transformation has something in common even with Gear Second, because the body of Luffy, in this case, constantly emits steam.

Thanks to the compacted structure of the muscles and to the fact that the body of the Mugiwara is made of rubber, the Gear Fourth allows its user to hurl attacks much faster and more powerful, while the Haki of Armor provides a further protection to the defensive. The problem, in addition to the weakening and hunger resulting from the use of this technique in combat, is the lack of control of the limbs of a size so disproportionate.


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