One Piece Against the Machine


Published on Apr 16, 2019


We already know broadly who they are and what they want in egenrale all those who are part of the Armed Revolutionary: in short, they are men and women who have set the goal of running to the aid of all the oppressed, by themselves do not have the power to rebel against the abuses they suffer, and it does not matter if these abuses are perpetrated by members of the World Government, by the Navy or by simple pirates: the Revolutionaries are not in fact guided not only by ideals, so to say, political, but from the genuine desire to give back to those who have lost the greatest asset: freedom.

The world of One Piece is quite complex and varied, nothing is just white or black, but here I will limit myself to a brief analysis of the two opposing sides that are to be compared: the World Government along with its Marina on one side and our boys of the Armed Revolutionary on the other.


You do not know a lot of information concerning the Dragons of heaven to the cause of those famous 100 years of history that is still shrouded in mystery, but we know that in that time something must have happened that has brought the Dragons of the heavens to the summit of the world of One Piece; these individuals are self-proclaimed divine beings, a bit like could happen in Ancient Egypt, for instance. What happened in this “century of darkness” is however shown on the Poignee Griffe, mysterious and gigantic stones decipherable only by the inhabitants of the Island of Ohara, promptly razed to the ground: what a terrible secret to have to hide the Dragons in heaven? Fortunately, an inhabitant of that island was saved from ethnic cleansing of which they were the victims of all the other residents of Ohara: our beautiful and highly intelligent Nico Robin, the only human left in the world capable of deciphering the cryptic Poignee Griffe.

Already from this it is possible to understand not only which, most likely, the Dragons of the Celestial rose to power in a way which is unlawful, but also that these rulers do not pose the slightest problem in oppressing and killing those who oppose them, and anyone can approach to the discovery of any thing do not want in any way to be in the light.

But the oligarcico and authoritarian World Government, represented by the Master of the Oda as a dictatorship, oppressive, is not the only enemy of the freedom of the inhabitants of this troubled world immersed in the waters of the sea, to defend formally the justice, but very often in reality the power is pre-established, there is the armed arm of the Dragons of heaven: the temibilissima Marina.


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