One in ten people in Italy suffer from obesity: here's how to tackle the problem


Published on Jun 25, 2019


The obesity is without doubt one of the most common problems of our time. And unfortunately the numbers confirm this: according to a recent survey conducted by the UPDA, in Italy the 10% of the population is obese, while 50% (on average), is overweight. We speak respectively of 6 million and 24 million citizens of the Peninsula, and the data unfortunately do not improve, or if you go to analyze in depth the report of the UPDA. Specifically, the report shows that 40% of adults is overweight, with a prevalence of men (44% versus 36%), and that in certain regions such as Basilicata, this problem is more widespread.

Obesity between data and useful information

Especially young people are at risk of developing obesity, because brought to this disorder from their particular life style. According to the scholar Francesco Giorgino, many of the under-18 today are at risk of developing diabetes, and 24% of the Italian children is overweight, with a percentage that reaches up to 33% in the South. It is a very serious problem because, on the basis of other studies of the industry, the life expectancy of obese people is reduced to 5 years compared to individuals who do not suffer from this problem.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand exactly what it is, and the definition is not complex at all. For obesity, in fact, refers to the excessive accumulation of fat mass in the form of adipose tissues. It is a condition that can be checked by making an online calculation of BMI (body mass index), that is, placing it in relation to the height of the individual and his or her body weight. This disorder can lead to a number of very serious risks, such as the development of diabetes, and the opportunity to meet a variety of cardiovascular diseases (heart attacks and strokes at all). When obesity occurs in adolescence or childhood, then, can cause problems of the nature of the articular and metabolic alterations.

How can you address obesity

The first thing is very important to treat the diet and consult a good nutritionist, to have a valid professional support. As far as food, one must avoid fatty foods and the portions excessive, preferring healthy food such as fruits and vegetables. It also serves to learn how to break the hunger, resorting to a snack mid-day, so as to reduce the time intervals between one meal and another.

A further advice is to take advantage of the vegetables as snacks, not having to purchase chips, drinks, and more. Then it is suggested to always chew the pieces and do it slowly, by setting itself the goal every week, to get a feedback of the results achieved (and the consequent gratification). It is clear that, in addition to the diet, you have to dedicate time to physical activity of aerobic type motor and with just 30 minutes of stroll daily, even pace, in order to burn fat. Many, for example, advise that you get to walk when you feel the stimulus of hunger.

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