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Published on Apr 04, 2020


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From here, there. We often hear phrases like, “we live on the lucky side/right of the world”, utterances of this type tend to trigger a sense of guilt or a not well identified pride, however I believe that there is a lucky side and not even a right part of the world, be born in the part of the world perfect for us. The walls that we raise, and the boundaries that we draw, good or bad, they are reviews that close, frightened and delimit, instead, today, more than ever, we need to see each other as brothers and sisters. The theme is hot and, in fact, among the books mentioned in the BRAW stood The wall in the middle of the book by Jon Agee that around this theme builds a book hilarious.

As happens in the famous Of here does not switch over, the book award-winning 2015, the american artist plays with the border of the page, there where the seams hold together the book and transforms the limit of the physical sheet of paper in a wall.

From the one hand and on the other an identical (at least at the beginning) the white space. Then at a certain point, the scenarios are animated: to the left there is a small knight in armor that you care to tell us how much his part of the book is the best part, just, safe, beautiful...

"The wall protects this side of the book... on the other side. This side of the book is safe. The other is not"

The scenario illustrative moves continually and if at the beginning, “the other side” seems to be in fact populated by dangerous beasts, readers will not be able to ignore how peaceful and serene certainty of the young knight seems to clash with events that begin to affect his part of the wall.

In fact, while the little one climbs on a ladder to repair a (significant) in the crack in the wall, can not help but notice that he starts to lick the wall, a strange wave of water. The tide grows, page after page, and if the other side of the wall appear to be orcs, tigers, rhinoceroses, we are not then certain that the prehistoric monster, which swims in the tide from the “right” is more reassuring.

"That's why I'm happy that there is a wall in the middle of the book, and be on the right side"


The anomalous wave and the fish scary that swim under the feet of the little knight you are pressing.

"This should not happen from this side of the wall!"

At this point, happens the unthinkable: the ogre pushes a hand beyond the wall and grabs the little knight, without fear, before the inevitable happens and the door from the “wrong” side, that ugly, dangerous...

"OH NO! Now I'm on the other side of the book!"

It is not presumptuous, our little hero, and we are ready to have a laugh with him his prejudices crumbling, yes, because from this moment on, the twists and the laughter are guaranteed!

"This side of the book is fantastic! Come with me, let's take a ride!"

The book plays on the mechanism of rice instead of text and images that belie with hilarious effect.

The images are simple, joyful, and stereotyped to the point, just to amplify the irony and to communicate clearly even in small children (from 4 years).

A book on the fears and prejudices that – if you really can not break down – you can climb over and around it, a book that scardinerà also thought to be from the right or wrong side of the world, with a clever and hilarious story.

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