On the Apple web site updated to celebrate the World Day of Accessibility


Published on May 17, 2018


On the occasion of the celebrations of the World Day dedicated to Accessibility, the Global Awareness Day, Apple has updated the home page and the Accessibility section of the site The event, which is held on the third Thursday of may of each year, was created to promote the usability of the technology by anyone with a disability.

Entering on the Apple website, therefore, it will be possible to know all the features and the Accessibility features offered by Apple products, accompanied by the slogan “technology is great if it improves the lives of all” and a spot in the 2016 in which Apple shows real people with disabilities who use its products in daily life. To tell the movie thinks Sady Paulson, that uses the Switch Control on a Mac.

Among the main technologies offered by the Apple products, we find the VoiceOver, which tells the user everything that happens on the screen of the device, adjustments of the display dedicated to those who suffer from color blindness or other visual impairments, the lens magnification, FaceTime for those who have recourse to the language of signs, subtitles, and the function to Read Screen, that reads to the user the textual content and Listen to live, that allows users to fine-tune the hearing aids MFi to hear more clearly.

Then there are also the Apple Watch, equipped with specific algorithms that allow people in wheelchairs to stay in shape, the Mac, that provides a convenient Keyboard that is Accessible to video but also Siri, the digital assistant can ask to do different tasks.

The last two sections focus on the skills physical and motor skills, as well as about learning and literacy. Here Apple talks about the use of the HomePod to automate complex actions with only one item, AssistiveTouch for gestures custom iOS and Safari Reader to stay focused on the content and reduce visual clutter, avoiding the sensory overload.

At the beginning of this week, the director of global policies, the accessibility of Apple, Sarah Herrlinger, spoke about the commitment that the company puts on to help people with disabilities through its products. In march, Apple has donated $ 250,000 to sponsor an “Innovation Zone” within a park games is focused on accessibility, which will open soon in Sunnyvale, California.

For the world Day of awareness of accessibility of last year, the california-based company has published a series of videos on her YouTube channel, some of the interviews conducted by CEO Tim Cook and three activists for accessibility and has organized a concert of Stevie Wonder at One Infinite Loop.

Also this year, Apple will host events global with the intent to promote the support that technology can offer to all people with disabilities, including events at companies in Apple's Cupertino, Austin, Cork and London. For the entire month of may, all Apple stores will be sessions dedicated to accessibility. For more information on the dedicated technology and the accessibility in the products Apple, I invite you to visit the official website.

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