On Thanos #14 the Titan Crazy is challenged by [SPOILER]


Published on Dec 05, 2017


The site cbr show some advances regarding the events that will take place on the pages of Thanos #14, the register for the next release in comics stores in the us.

The comic continues the storyarc “Thanos Wins” started on #13 of the series, which we already talked about in this article, that was a Thanos unexpectedly winning on all the heroes of the Marvel Universe.


The story, which takes place millions of years in the future compared to the continuity of Marvel opens with Thanos become ruler of the whole universe. But here in #14 makes his entrance in the scene an unexpected character, i.e. an enhanced Ghost Rider of the future, therefore not the same as the present, where the human identity is currently unknown.

This Spirit of Revenge is to face Thanos in as the new herald of Galactus, definitely a new look for the skull. As we said before, the human counterpart of this future Ghost Rider has not yet been revealed, but some clues about how to behave and to move in these first images of the comic have been suggested to fans and readers that may be a carachter very well known, namely, Deadpool.

But this is only a hypothesis, we will stay tuned on the channel for Marvel to learn more in the coming days...

On Thanos #14 the Titan Crazy is challenged by the [SPOILER] is




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