On Sunday morning on Rai 1: here's what we'll see in September


Published on Aug 25, 2019


August now drawing to a close and the audience that follows with passion the programs airing on major networks, asking what's going to happen in September!!! Today we will talk about the new programming on Rai 1 for what concerns the Sunday morning. What we will see on the day of rest? Among the new keeper of this television season, of which there has been much talk throughout the summer, there is the substitution of Federico Quaranta, which will not be at the helm of the Green Line.

We then discover all the details of the new programming on Rai 1.

We see, therefore, that that is the programming of Rai 1 for the Sunday morning.

Environment, development and mobility are the themes of the show “Our Mother Earth” airs Sunday, September 22, conducted by Angelo Mellone and dedicated to the event focused on the relationship between the environment, ecology, sustainable development and citizenship that every year enlivens the franciscan community in Assisi.
In this edition, the reflection on the pollution extends to its implications, “social”: not only the pollution of the natural environment but also of the relations between human beings, institutions, and morality itself. Speakers include artists, men of civil society and of the culture, men
of the Church, in an event that aims to stimulate a reflection on the relationship between Man, his power, constructive and destructive, and Created with an eye to current events.
Conducted By: Angelo Mellone
Aired September 22 at 9:40

Places, sayings, Common in the “original format” for the tv, which is dedicated to the enhancement of the territory and its cultural heritage, built completely outdoors. The territory declined in its various aspects and resources: the story, the art, the architecture, the archaeological sites, the monuments, the
culture, traditions, uses and costumes, the environment, natural resources, and the gastronomic specialties, the peculiarities of the ingenuity and the talent of the Italian.
Leads: Livio Leonardi
Aired from September 29 – 9:40

The Green line, in the historical section of the Sunday, will keep its focus on territory, environment, food, and agriculture, packaging, editorial, following a track and tested with success
in the last edition, will pay particular attention to the “big story” of Italy through the beaten paths of literature, art, folklore, and stories of the territory, reinterpreting the theme of “cultural heritage”
at the sign of the Italian beauty in an approach that is empathetic, experiential, and “wild”. The transmission, as usual, be held on behalf of the company agreements established with local institutional, local or national.
Lead: Ingrid Muccitelli e Beppe Convertini
Aired from September 15 – 12:20

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