On April 3, 1980 was born of Pac-Man, the icon that wrote the history of video games

Published on Apr 03, 2017

(biografieonline.it) Has dominated during the Eighties. It has had countless attempts at imitation. It has become an icon, representative of the entire sector of the game industry. Born from the mind of the japanese programmer Tohru Iwatani, then an employee of Namco, Pac-Man is a video game that has made the history of video games. On April 3, 1980 was born of Pac-Man, the icon that wrote the history of video games. The origin of Pac-Man is very curious, Tohru Iwatani had the inspiration during a dinner with friends looking at a pizza that had been removed a slice. After a little over a year from that pizza, a development team of eight people, including developers and hardware technicians gave birth to the first Pac-Man. Published by the american Midway Games, Pac-Man appears for the first time in the format of the arcade room on the 3rd April 1980. The spread and popularity in few years reach the highest levels; Namco is dedicated to the production of software in various versions for almost all consoles and computers. From 1980 to 1987, the company Namco unveils more than 300 thousand machines, selling at the same time an unknown number of millions of toys and gadgets. With the success of the video game the history of software has evolved. The first versions, in fact, sinned predictability: the ghosts, the bitter enemies of Pac-Man, they followed a fixed pattern of movements, so much so that for the player was too easy to solve the game. With later versions, then the programmers have inserted patterns random movements of the four ghosts, creating a personality for each of them. The measure of the success of Pac-Man is also known in the television field, where the historical producers in the united states Hanna & Barbera, a cartoon series with Pac-Man as the protagonist. The spread of the game in private homes, part in march 1982 when the Atari starts the conversion of Pac-Man for its console. The operation proves to be a failure for Atari, which invests a lot of money for the rights without being able to retrieve them. The causes are multiple, the main one is the considerable lowering of the quality of the game caused by the adaptation of the software. This will not stop the popularity of Pac-Man that will be repeated for each type of console or device even in the subsequent decades. There are hundreds of games that they played Pac-Man as the protagonist or as a simple pop-up inside them, as well as the clones made only to take advantage of the commercial benefits derived from the picture of the already famous Pac-Man. Known in Japan as Puckman, a term that means “to close and open the mouth”, the name was changed to Pac-Man for marketing in the USA. In Brazil, the game is called by the children As-As, which means “eat-eat”. In Spain it is called Comecocos, “eat ghosts”.

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