Oliviero Toscani and the delirium on Salvini: ‘And’ smelly as a scorreggia and...’

Published on Sep 15, 2018

Oliviero Toscani is of the statements to the vitriol against the ministers Salvini and Toninelli

A few hours ago, Oliviero Toscani, has issued new statements on the radio program ‘The Mosquito’, conducted by Giuseppe Cruciani. The popular photographer is back to attack the minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini using a language strong enough. For Oliviero Toscani, the whole of the Italian nationality in need of a dictator. But let's see specifically what he said.

Oliviero Tosacani without hairs on the tongue has spewed out a series of evils on the deputy prime league Matteo Salvini. ‘The Mosquito’, the photographer did not use half measures by saying this:

“Time? You don't know how many important people were on the cover of Time, also Hitler and Mussolini, it's not absolutely nothing. The things that he says Salvini are like a fart, a fart can't talk, and the farts stink”.

In addition, Oliviero Toscani told the audience that if Salvini has a high consensus means nothing, because even the Duce Benito Mussolini had. Then he spoke directly to the italians, the photographer said this:

“The italians have always need of the Duce, who is red, who is black, now we have the duce green. The italians have a need for the Duce, as young people have a need of the mother, of one wish them well, give them confidence. They need a mom.“

Speaking of the collapse of the Bridge and to the Morandi of Genoa, Oliviero Toscani has defended Benetton, his major sponsors. The photographer has claimed to be he is the one responsible for the disaster.

“Just look at the photo montage that they made those 4 jerks, and even evil. That is the creativity of jerks. If you feel like to exonerate fully the Benetton? I can't say anything”.

Finally, Oliviero Toscani take issue with the minister of Transport, Danilo Toninelli.

“That Toninello of the ca**or says that you have to put a tile, do you think that a bridge is a toilet public. He has it all figured out. You believe that there is an interest to drop the bridge because it says that there that pretends to do the minister with that face there for bergamasco?”

Will the replication of the interested parties?

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