Old portraits become superheroes thanks to Alex Gross


Published on Jan 03, 2019


The artist Alex Gross has recovered of vintage photographs and transformed them into the heroes that everyone of us knows; the artist gets these photos and uses a variety of techniques to transform old images into modern masterpieces of superheroes. The page Instagram of the painter is full of beautiful works, many of which become prints in his online shop.

Wolverine and Cable in Marvel Comics, Batman, Joker, and Bids of Prey in the DC Comics, the gallery is very extensive and we are sure it will not soon add new pieces to the collection.

I'll be bringing this new original cabinet card painting to @designercon this weekend in anaheim. my very first time doing a with! I'm at booth 2526. I'll have prints, books, and even a few originals. this is “The Grim,” before and after, oil and acrylic on antique cabinet card photo from the 1800s. #popsurrealism #batman #joker #designercon

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“Bloody Wolverine,” before and after. oil and acrylic on antique photo from the 1880s. been doing a few new cabinet card paintings recently, stay tuned for more soon- #wolverine #logan #popsurrealism

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this is from a couple years ago- “Girls,” before and after. acrylic and oil on antique cabinet card photo, 6.5 x 4.5 inches. i have a few new ones coming soon- #supergirl #batgirl #bff #popsurrealism

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"suicide squad harley quinn," before and after. doing some 9 x 12 inch prints of this next week, just $35! I'll update again when they are available.

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On the profile Instagram of the artist, who currently lives in Los Angeles, California, you can see other transformations in the sauce and prosthetics, as well as other works of the author that he also has to rework a number of myths of the modern era, like Star Wars.

The author is also the protagonist of an exhibition in his city.

Old portraits become superheroes thanks to Alex Gross is




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