Ok, in the Commission for the electoral law, tomorrow the arrival in the Classroom

Published on Jun 06, 2017

(AP) The constitutional Affairs committee of the Chamber has finished the examination of the electoral law. The Commission has given a mandate to the rapporteur, Emanuele Fiano-Pd, for the classroom that will begin tomorrow with the general discussion. Ok, in the Commission for the electoral law, tomorrow the arrival in the Classroom. “It was a necessary work and tiring but it was necessary. It is concluded, in the given conditions, in the best way possible, listening to all the requests for changes. We got the best result possible,” says Fiano. Fear traps now in the Classroom, in the Bedroom? ”No, there are No arguments that can lead to this risk,” short cuts Fiano that indicates the next steps: ”I Believe that this week the house Chamber will discharge the law, then it will go to the Senate. I think that at the beginning of July this law will be the law of the State”. Theoretically, you can go to vote on 24 September? ”Any decision in this regard, it will be up to the head of State”, replica Fiano without overreach. The Commission approved the reduction in the number of colleges for the Senate, which went from 150 to 112. As yesterday, to the Room, where the boards were cut (from 303 to 225), now the ‘Before’ has decided to also change the relevant part of the palazzo Madama. Have voted in favour of cutting the 4 parties that claim the German model (Fi, Pd, the League and the M5S), and against the other. A question remained open, even after the go-ahead by the commission, is that the collection of signatures to stand for elections. The commission has approved an amendment today that extends in the Senate, the norm is already envisaged by the Italicum to the Room or which are excluded from the collection of signatures, only the groups in Parliament before 1 January 2014. To say, the Mdp would be between the forces that are required to gather the signatures, and maybe do it in the middle of the summer in the case of voting early in the autumn. A point that has been raised by Alfredo D Attorre of Pd during the work of the commission. For his part, the rapporteur Fiano has taken on the responsibility to verify, before landing in the classroom tomorrow of the law, if there are the conditions for a change.

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