Offers Tim: up to 50 GB starting from 7 euros per month

Published on Sep 13, 2018

Keep the offers operator attack of Tim, which started on 8 September and can be activated still. All of the deals Tim that we are going to see are activated from the customers of other operators, different for each bid, which will also require the portability of a number to Tim.

All of these offerings are “switching to Tim,” this means that not everyone can do this, as Tim offers these offers only to target specific consumers. We go now to see all of the offers operator attack of Tim.

This offer with the very long name is certainly the most interesting among those proposals, in fact, offers basic unlimited minutes towards all, and 3 GB of internet traffic at a cost of 7 euros per month. After you activated, however, it will activate the option 17 GB Free free of charge that will give you the right to other 17 GB, bringing the total number of GB available to 20. The offer can be activated by anyone who comes Iliad, PosteMobile, FastWeb and other operators, virtual part I have. Mobile.

The operation is similar to the offer above, except that now the GB, to be added to the 3 initials are 37, bringing the total to 40 GB of data traffic in 4G+. Plus you'll also have unlimited minutes to all at a cost of 10,82 euros per month. The offer is available for those coming from Vodafone.

The offer will be entitled to 1000 minutes towards all, and 30 GB of data traffic in 4G+ (3+27 GB) at a cost of 10,82 euros per month. This offer is available if you are coming from the Wind Three, Iliad and other Virtual Operators, including I have. Mobile.

We offer the most substantial among all, which offers 1000 minutes and 50 GB of data traffic in 4G+ 15 euros per month. This offer can be activated by anyone who comes from another national operator.

All of these offers have a fee of 10 euro for the new SIM and an activation fee of 12 euro, which become 32 if the SIM remains active for at least 24 months.

To activate these promotions, you can also use the service Passes to Tim with the Operator that you will find on the official site of Tim, with whom you will be called by an operator Tim will be at your disposal to enable these offerings. In addition, by using this service, the cost of activation goes from 12 to 9 euros.

By visiting this page you can find other deals similar to the ones Tim mentioned above.

Below you will find the offerings of major mobile operators present on the Italian territory:


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