Offers on fiber: everything you need to know

Published on Dec 19, 2017

Continuously we are now bombarded by the commercials of the various mobile operators that advertise rates, with connection via optical fiber, in this quick guide we will try to give an answer to the most common questions that we receive, while providing users with all the basics to better understand the market of the connections that change.

The Fiber in fact is, undeniably, a revolution and a great occasion, and the Open Fiber advances (in many have had to do with the shipyards in the streets of their cities).

The more informed of you already know that in reality it would be more correct to speak of connections to fiber optic, we will discuss the issue in the next paragraph.

Italian operators offer under the name of Fiber two connections are very different:

Some operators have announced their trade names to FTTH, as UltreFibra (Fastweb), IperFibra (Vodafone). All to distinguish in some way in the eyes of the customers the two types of connection based on optical fiber. All of these names tend to emphasize the speed, and in fact the connections FTTH are not only theoretically much faster than FTTC, but also allow you table more low.

A low ping is always helpful and appreciated not only by new gamers. A low ping means a navigation more pleasant, with better use of the services.

The FTTC as I said it works using the old twisted pair copper, the connection between your router and the units is through technology, VDSL2, Italian operators have jumped into the block the VSDL of the first generation.

Today, the availability of FTTH is limited, it is growing thanks to the Open project Fiber, but in many cities and districts it will take quite a while before being able to enjoy it. The FTTC is actually widespread, and allows for the fast connection of millions of users in a large part of the country.

The answer is always yes in our opinion, for a number of reasons:

So in summary, having regard to the increased coverage for the operators has opened a new market, and they are fighting among themselves to conquer the greatest number possible of users. This strong competition is a big advantage for us customers that now more than ever, we have had the opportunity to have access to the connections of the most technologically advanced at rates much affordable.

Switch to Fiber is quite simple, the first step is to check if you are reached by the network, and which type of connection using optical fiber (FTTC or FTTH) reach you. The control is simple and fast, you can see our popular guide in this regard.

Once you have checked to be reached, it is time to choose the fare that suits you, to simplify this task we have created a series of post up to date with the best offerings of each operator:

To find the perfect offer for you you can also take advantage of our comparator (that we created in collaboration with SOStariffe) and comparing the proposals from all providers.

The offers are structured roughly the same way, and so are easy to compare between them. Here is a short list in order of importance of the aspects to be mentioned:

If you keep an eye on all these aspects, there are high chances that you will make a good deal and you will succeed in the hoped-for combination to save on monthly bills and increase your browsing speed.

Online is now full of offerings of mobile operators, and many customers rightly prefer to subscribe to an offer on the network.

Have different, valid reasons:

In short, subscribing to an offer in the network you save, you avoid misunderstandings (which I wonder why they always go to the customer's detriment), cheating and stress.

Our guide on the Fiber and the bidding is over, we hope to have clarified the ideas, and to have advised on some of the interesting dynamics of the market. Let us know with a comment if you have passed you also to the Fiber, if you have in mind a transition to short or you prefer to stay with the old ADSL.

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