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Published on Jun 13, 2018


Also today on Amazon there are several products in the discount. We find the best offers for Amazon below.

We start from the first product in a discount today, which is a microSD card by 32GB of SanDisk's line of Extreme PRO. The product is a class 10, U3, V30, A1 with read speeds up to 100MB/s. Available at a discount to 20,99€.

Buy the microSD card

We come to the second product, which is a Wireless charger HOCO ultra thin 5W with the standard Qi. We find him in less than 14€ on Amazon.

Buy the Wireless charger

Always for fast charging, there is an interesting offer for the pad to charge RAVPower with fast charging standard Qi, which is now available at 10,99€.

Buy charger RAVPower

We move on to the next product in offer Amazon. Let's talk about the speaker Bluetooth Anker SoundCore Mini 2 with water resistance. We find 29,99€ on Amazon.

Buy the speaker

We continue with another product, RAVPower, or a wall charger 3 port output 30W, 5V/6A in discount 10,39€.

Buy the wall charger

We then continue with a flash drive for iPhone, 32GB certified. The other port is a USB 3.0 so the speed of transfer to the PC is ensured.

Buy the flash drive

We continue with one speaker Tronsmart 40W, which we have already reviewed for you. Now it is in discount (less than 50€.

We bring you some consideration. Speaking of technical specifications and quality can we not mention the power 40W. The clean sound is good even though we expected a greater presence on the bass and a better frequency balance. Surely with a bit of work on the settings of the music player (or iOS), the situation improves a lot.

Of course, don't expect a quality audiophile grade, considering also the bill is not very premium device, but many users will be satisfied overall.

Supported DSP technologies and 3D Digital Sound over that Bluetooth 4.2 metres up to 20 metres, and an interesting mode TWS (or Two Stereo Wireless) that allows us to achieve a stereo sound by pairing two of these speakers.

Buy the speaker smart

To conclude, I will point out two accessories available with discount code exclusive.

The first product is a mini portable fan that is a stand for smartphones, and that also integrates the functionality of “water spray”. We find 12,99€ on Amazon, but with the discount code MUIOD9RM the price drops to 6.99€.

Buy the mini fan

The last product is a padlock smart that you unlock with a smartphone or fingerprint. This is a truly curious and intriguing. From 44,99€, with the discount code 75DD9QAF we find 35,99€.

Buy the padlock smart

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The offers shown on this page may expire or change without notice. The real price is the one displayed on Amazon at the time of checkout.

In the case of warning “code is not usable”, it means the product is temporarily sold out (should try again later with the same code, since new stocks arrive regularly).

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