Offers Amazon: media, locks the smart cover and the battery


Published on Jun 12, 2018


Even today, 12 June 2018, are available different offers Amazon. Discover the discounts the most interesting in our article.

Let's start with the first product of today, that is, a universal support for car Mpow with 360° rotation and attack for the vents of the air conditioner. We find it discounted 7,64€.

Buy Mpow

We come to the second product today, or a cover-battery for iPhone X 5200mAh and therefore able to charge your smartphone without cables or a power bank external. We find it in the discount from 50€ 27,99€.

Buy the cover-battery

Still, we continue with an action camera that's reliable and functional. This is the YI 4K, available today at 124,99€.

Buy the action camera

To conclude, I will point out two accessories available with discount code exclusive.

The first product is a mini portable fan that is a stand for smartphones, and that also integrates the functionality of “water spray”. We find 12,99€ on Amazon, but with the discount code MUIOD9RM the price drops to 6.99€.

Buy the mini fan

The last product is a padlock smart that you unlock with a smartphone or fingerprint. This is a truly curious and intriguing. From 44,99€, with the discount code 75DD9QAF we find 35,99€.

Buy the padlock smart

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The offers shown on this page may expire or change without notice. The real price is the one displayed on Amazon at the time of checkout.

In the case of warning “code is not usable”, it means the product is temporarily sold out (should try again later with the same code, since new stocks arrive regularly).

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